A Complete Guide to Disney Dream Rooms

There are plenty of ways to have your perfect Disney vacation.

The atrium of the Disney Dream

For some, it might be heading to Disney World. For others, Disneyland is the ticket. But if your perfect Disney vacation includes traveling to different destinations and hanging poolside — then setting sail with the Disney Cruise Line might be for you! We recently sailed on the Disney Dream and have been bringing you reviews, and if you’re thinking about sailing on this ship you’re in luck! We’re taking a look at all the different categories of staterooms on the Disney Dream to help you plan your trip!

There are four different types of staterooms on Disney Cruise Line ships, including the Disney Dream. Those are Concierge, Oceanview with Verandah, Oceanview, and Inside. Each room category comes at a different price point, and each category is equipped with different features and amenities. Let’s see what might be best for your trip!


As the name might imply, the Concierge Suites feature the most luxurious and spacious accommodations on the Disney Dream. They can sleep parties of 5 to 7 guests and all feature verandahs for a bit of breathing room. Not only that, but you’ll also have the personal attention of a dedicated Concierge Service when you stay in one of the suites.


In addition to the suites, there are also Concierge Family Oceanview Staterooms with Verandahs. These aren’t quite as spacious as the suites, but they are roomier than normal staterooms and come with the same Concierge Services — including Pre-Arrival Services. You’ll also have access to the Concierge Lounge, with complimentary food and nonalcoholic drinks.


Concierge Suites and Staterooms come with priority check-in and a dedicated check-in station — plus there will be a private welcome session. Depending on where you’re sailing and how many nights your cruise is, a Concierge Suite or Room on the Disney Dream could cost you more. For example, a summer 2022 3-night Bahamian cruise was $5,128, but a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise was $9,142.


That’s quite a big price tag, but Concierge Level rooms come with the most luxurious amenities onboard the Dream, and you can’t beat the private lounges, sun deck, and dedicated staff. You’ll just have to decide if that’s worth the cost!

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Oceanview with Verandah

There are two types of Oceanview Staterooms, but only one category features verandahs or balconies. These rooms are pretty spacious, though they are only one room technically unlike the Concierge Suites. Oceanview Verandah rooms sleep 3 to 5 guests depending on the type of room.


Not only do you get a view to the ocean or outside world with these rooms, but you also have the added benefit of a decently sized verandah perfect for a glass of wine after putting the kids to bed or a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Though these rooms are spacious, they don’t come with the Concierge Services or dedicated check-in features. But, Oceanview Staterooms with Verandahs are the second most expensive type of room on the Disney Dream.

Pretty spacious

Like most staterooms, the price for these rooms is entirely dependent upon where you’re sailing and how long your cruise will be. A 3-night cruise on the Disney Dream can start at around $1,459, but a longer cruise could be priced more like $4,051.

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Oceanview Staterooms are pretty much identical to the Oceanview Staterooms with Verandahs, though they can be smaller (and obviously also don’t have verandahs!). Instead of a balcony, there is a porthole with “stunning ocean views” for guests to enjoy.


Typically, Oceanview Staterooms sleep 3 to 4 guests and occasionally these rooms feature two large portholes! You’ll find a queen bed, sleeper sofa, and sometimes an upper-berth pulldown bed. Keep in mind that depending on which stateroom and which deck you’re in, you might have an obstructed porthole view.


If you don’t need the access to outside via the verandah, this could be a good option if you’re trying to save a little bit of money. You still get ocean views and natural light, and these rooms can be decently roomy if you don’t plan on spending too much time in them. An Oceanview Stateroom summer 2022 3-night Bahamian cruise on the Disney Dream started at $1,387, but the same room type started at $4,562 on a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise, depending on which month you sailed.

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If having a balcony or ocean view isn’t important to you, an Inside Stateroom might be just the thing. These rooms are located on the interior of the ship, meaning they have no outside walls or windows — and no natural light. There are “Magical Portholes” that offer real-time views of the sea. Plus, you never know who or what might float by like your favorite Disney character or a pirate ship.


Inside Staterooms on the Disney Dream sleep 3 to 4 guests, and feature a queen bed, sleeper sofa, or upper-berth pulldown bed. These are the smallest rooms on the ship, so even though they technically can sleep up to four, they’re not all that roomy if you plan on spending a lot of time in your room.


For those adventurous types or travelers who just want a place to rest their head and don’t care how big the room is, an Inside Stateroom definitely offers the most bang for your buck. Larger families or those who need just a bit of personal space might not be that comfortable in these rooms. These are the least expensive rooms on the Disney Dream — an Interior Stateroom summer 2022 3-night Bahamian cruise started at $1,357 and a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise Interior Stateroom began at $4,332 depending on the month.


Keep in mind that with all these stateroom categories, there are even more different types of rooms including Deluxe, Family, and Handicap Accessible. What’s best for one family or travel group might not be what’s best for you — so make sure you take all these factors into account when planning your cruise on the Disney Dream!

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