9 Amazon Items That Will Make Your Disney Trip 10x Easier

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Disney World vacations are COMPLICATED!

So many things to organize and think about: booking flights, finding the right hotel, getting your park tickets, park pass reservations, making dining reservations, and learning how to navigate My Disney Experience and decide if you need Genie+ or not. Wouldn’t it be nice if Disney just made it easy? Well, we can’t control Disney, but we can help you navigate these decisions and suggest some items to make sure you bring with you to help your vacation be even easier!

Refillable Water Bottles

Hydration is super important in Florida’s heat and humidity. Yes, we always advocate taking advantage of free water at Disney World fast food locations, but you can also get free water and NOT wait in line with it if you carry a water bottle with you! There are water refilling stations popping up all over the parks, and there’s rarely a line to use any of them! Or use that free water to refill your water bottle!

Collapsible Water Bottles © Amazon

And when it comes to the kinds of water bottles we prefer? We really like the collapsible ones because they’re easy to just shove in your bag when they’re empty! But whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a Disney water bottle to make you happy! There are so many good things about this tip: proper hydration for overall health, saving money by not buying bottled water or soda, and saving the planet by minimizing single-use plastic. Now, don’t you feel like a good human for doing all of these responsible things? Yeah, us too!

Click HERE to buy this Collapsible Watter Bottle for $12.98

Waist Clip Fan

Speaking of that Florida heat, we have another little gizmo that can help you cope with the temperature and humidity.

Waist Clip Fan © Amazon

This little fan is portable for easy travel and simple storage. You can clip it onto your waistband to provide some air circulation under your clothes to help keep your shirt from sticking to you, or use the strap included to wear it around your neck for more air circulation options. And the option of being a hand-free device means that you’ll have your hands free to help the kiddos, find that next Lightning Lane availability, or place that Mobile Order for a much-needed snack!

Click HERE to buy this Waist Clip Fan for $34.99

Sink Topper

Are you traveling with a large family? Or maybe just trying to economize by getting a smaller room or, at the least, one that’s a bit more budget-friendly? Sometimes the combination of large travel groups and small accommodations means that you need to maximize every inch you can! And this little find will help you do just that!

Sink Topper © Amazon

The sink topper helps expand your bathroom surface space. So after everyone has brushed their teeth, you’ll have a bit more room for make-up, curling irons, hair dryers, and all of your styling products. And another nice part is, you can simply scootch it off onto a shelf in the closet area when you’re done to access the sink again.

Click HERE to buy the Sink Topper for $32.99

Handheld Steamer for Clothes

While you’re getting for a day in the parks, or maybe a date night with your special someone, this handheld steamer will come in super handy for getting out those crumpled creases in clothes that have been crammed in a suitcase.

Handheld Steamer for Clothes © Amazon

It’s collapsible for easy packing, but sturdy enough for everyday use, as well. So even though this handy item is a bit more of an investment at about $80, you can definitely get your use out of it. Plus, it’ll help prevent you from succumbing to those dry cleaning fees that resorts can charge!

Click HERE to buy the Handheld Steamer for Clothes for $79

Moleskin Tape Flannel Adhesive Pads

Even the best-made plans can experience some unexpected hiccups. And blisters are one of those unpredictable complications!

Moleskin Adhesive Pads © Amazon

Make sure you bring some of these Moleskin Adhesive Pads with you. They’re versatile enough to adhere to your shoes or skin, directly. So if you find yourself with an unwanted hitch-hiking blister, slap on one of these pads to give yourself a bit more comfort while you pound the pavement in the parks.

Click HERE to buy these Moleskin Adhesive Pads for $9.29

Lightsaber Umbrella

Speaking of unexpected hiccups, aside from blisters, the other thing you can predict is the weather! Ok, maybe you can have a good inkling about what the weather will do, and if you download a weather app, you can plan as best as you can. If you’re forced to endure some rainy days in the Sunshine State, then at least you can do it in style!

Lightsaber Umbrella © Amazon

You’ll fit right in on Batuu with these Lightsaber Umbrellas, just beware of the First Order as the Stormtrooper or even Kylo Ren might have some questions about your “rebellious” accessories!d

Click HERE to buy these Lightsaber Umbrellas for $39.99

Mickey Mouse Ears Hat

This next accessory is so useful, it’ll keep the rain off you (well, your head anyway), and the sun out of your eyes, so it’s really good in any weather! This Mickey Mouse Ears Hat is just perfect for a Disney trip.

Mickey Mouse Ears Hat © Amazon

It comes in adult and children’s sizes, so the kiddos don’t get to have all of the fun! You’ve seen those families with matching Disney vacation t-shirts, right? Well, bring your A-game and have matching family hats!

Click HERE to buy these Mickey Mouse Ear Hats for $22.97

Stroller Hooks

Kids require so many accessories! And you want to be equipped for any situation you can find yourself in! So, bring on the diaper bag, the change of clothes (you know, for spills, stains, and accidents), the favorite binky or sippy cup, and bottles and snacks to keep tiny tummies happy. With these handy Stroller Hooks, you can slip your bags onto the hooks to keep them all together on your stroller, whether you bring your own or rent one.

Stroller Hooks ©Amazon

A tip we learned the hard way — don’t pack bags heavier than your child! If the stroller gets too much weight loaded on the back, your little one might just be rollin’ around on two wheels instead of four, and we don’t want to be responsible for any tykes being catapulted out of their stroller! 🤣

Click HERE to buy these Stroller Hooks for $12.99

Tagalong Stroller Accessory

Another stroller accessory that might just make your Disney trip that much easier, is this Tagalong Stroller strap.

Tagalong Stroller Accessory © Amazon

Clip it onto your stroller for your older kids to be able to hold. This will keep the whole family together and keep parents’ hands-free to care for other kiddos, take pictures, or navigate My Disney Experience, with the peace of mind that all the kids are right where they’re supposed to be. BONUS! These little beauties come in several colors, so if your family is larger, each kiddo can have their own color-coded strap, so there’s no fighting over which one belongs to whom!

Click HERE to buy the Tagalong Stroller Accessory for $8.99

We’re in the parks every day, all day, and we’ve tried countless supplies, gadgets, and gear over the years, so we’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to packing the ultimate Disney parks essentials. These are the secret weapons we never leave home without! We hope this helps you come up with your own park essentials list, or maybe it will help remind you to update your packing list before you return to the parks!

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