The Big PROBLEM You Could Face at Orlando International Airport

If you’re flying through Orlando International Airport during what could be a busy time of the year, there’s a BIG problem you need to be aware of.

Orlando International Airport

You might already be prepared for flight delays and cancelations, lost luggage, or long security lines, but have you thought about the parking situation? If not, you need to!

On December 26th (the day after Christmas), Orlando International Airport posted on Twitter indicating that the terminal garages were at FULL capacity this morning, with only minimal availability at the North Park Place Economy Lot.

If you’ll be driving to the airport and were planning to park there, let this serve as a reminder to always check the airport parking lot availability BEFORE taking off in your car!

You can visit the Orlando Airport’s website page which is focused on parking for constant updates. There, you’ll see what the parking rate is for each lot and which lots are full.


You can also follow MCO on Twitter, where they often post updates.

If the lot you wanted to park in fills up and you’d rather not park in the other lots, that might be a good time to secure an Uber or other method of transportation to get to the airport.

With New Year’s Eve coming up, and other holidays coming in 2023, don’t let this travel complication catch you off guard!

Orlando International Airport

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