There’s a SECRET Brunch Spot in Disney World — Here’s Where to Go!

If you’re a big fan of brunch, we’ve got some news for you!

Contemporary Resort

You can enjoy a lovely brunch at various Disney World restaurants, including Olivia’s Cafe where brunch is served daily. But there’s a more secret brunch offering at a Disney restaurant that you might not realize is available.

Looking to grab brunch with the family during the holidays? Well, then it’s time for you to run on over to Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This spot normally serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner as 3 separate services, but if you visit now you might be able to catch their brunch menu! We shared a bit about this in another post but wanted to highlight it again in case it’s something you haven’t realized is happening right now!

Now, this isn’t the first time Steakhouse 71 has served up brunch. Earlier in 2022, it served brunch for 2 days only — Easter and Mother’s Day. But now it looks like brunch is BACK.

Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger

Brunch is currently listed for Steakhouse 71 from now through January 8th, 2023, except for Christmas Day. (This actually started back on December 18th.) On Christmas Day Steakhouse 71 will only serve its breakfast menu through 11AM and then transition to its dinner menu for the remainder of the day.

Hours for the brunch (when offered) are typically from 7:30AM to 2PM.


On January 9th, 2023, however, the website changes BACK to separately listing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, things are subject to change in the future, so stay tuned for updates!


Interestingly, you seemingly can’t get to the brunch menu on the Disney website. But we were able to get a glimpse at the menu in person. It features a few appetizers…

Brunch Menu

…along with various entrees and some desserts.

Brunch Menu

You can also see the brunch menu on the My Disney Experience app. There are a number of appetizers, including bacon and eggs and french onion soup.


For the entrees, fans will be thrilled to see the seasonal pancakes on there…


…along with various omelets…


…the delicious Stack Burger…


…the Steakhouse 71 Chocolate Cake, kids items, drinks, and more.


Again, this brunch only appears to be listed for Steakhouse 71 for a limited time, but that is subject to change. Check with Disney to see what the situation is like ahead of your trip.

For more tips and tricks about Disney restaurants, check out our video below and stay tuned for more news.

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Have you been to Steakhouse 71? What’s your favorite thing on the menu there? Tell us in the comments!

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