BIG CHANGES Happening at the ‘Moana’ Attraction in EPCOT

We’re heading into 2023, and that means we’re one step closer to the completion of a MAJOR construction project in Disney World!


The EPCOT transformation has been underway for a few years now, but it’s finally coming to a close in 2023! Before the end of the year, we’ll get to see the revamped World Celebration, as well as the addition of Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana. We’re still a ways away from the end of the project, but what does that construction progress look like right now?

First up, let’s see what’s going on around World Celebration. We’ve seen some slow progress with the eastern side of the park, close to Connections Cafe and Creations Shop. This space will be home to beautiful new gardens, so there aren’t many vertical structures being built there currently.

EPCOT construction

As you get more toward the back of the construction zone, we can see where a pathway has been marked out that leads up to CommuniCore Hall. This area will also be home to CommuniCore Plaza, which will have an outdoor performance space.

Things are moving along!

And speaking of CommuniCore Hall, it’s coming along nicely! This large building will have event spaces, room for festival booths, meet-and-greet areas, and more. We can’t wait to see what the inside looks like. More support beams were recently added to the basic structure.

Hey, CommuniCore Hall!

On the other side of the trees is Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana, which is technically where we cross the border into the World Nature neighborhood. The walkway through the attraction was recently paved — that’s a big step! We also noticed that the giant Te Fiti sculpture was installed a few weeks ago.

Journey of Water progress

There are parts of the attraction that still remain unfinished, however. The furthest side is still getting detail added in the form of rockwork and lighting. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty big walking trail!

MORE Journey of Water progress

Finally, we have a little bit of unknown construction near Spaceship Earth. It’s possible that this area could be a part of Dreamers Point and the gardens near the front, but we’re not sure yet. There are a few structures here and they’re currently working on leveling more land.

We’re getting closer!

Those are all the updates we have currently on the EPCOT construction and changes to Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana. We likely have less than a year until we get to see the completed product!

Stay tuned to DFB for more construction updates from Disney World! There are a lot of exciting projects happening currently and we’re ready to check them all out.

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