Come With Us To Play EPCOT’s NEW DuckTales Scavenger Hunt!

Did you know there’s ANOTHER way to play in Disney Parks? All you have to do is download the Play Disney Parks app to have access to all sorts of games, including ones exclusive to when you’re INSIDE Disney World.


You can do a lot of fun things through the app, from playing Disney trivia while standing in line to interacting with things in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to taking up a career as a space bounty hunter if you also have a MagicBand+. Now, there’s a new WAY to play in EPCOT through the app: Ducktales Showcase Adventure.

The Ducktales Showcase Adventure was first announced way back in 2019, but we didn’t really hear much more about it until this year. The game is a scavenger hunt for both “the young and young-at-heart” to play a DuckTales-themed game around World Showcase.


Earlier this week, we saw that the game had been added to the Play Disney Parks app, but NOW, it’s time to actually dive in and play it! To access the game, you will need to have the Play Disney Parks app on your phone. Once you have that, you’ll also need to be in EPCOT with BlueTooth turned on. Once you have it pulled up on the app, click on “Play.”


Let’s go!


The game will then direct you on where you need to go in World Showcase. It sent us to the Norway Pavilion first! We were directed to go to the Rune Stone behind the Stave Church.


When we were there, we clicked on “OK.”

Here we are!

Then we were told to study the runes and tell the app what the first one looks like.


It looks like a “b!”

The rest of the game plays similarly — you’ll be sent to specific areas throughout World Showcase and asked to hunt around for the clues. Answer the questions on the app, and you’re officially on an adventure with the cast of DuckTales! Wooo-Ooh!

Studying the runes

So now there’s ANOTHER fun activity for the whole family when you’re making your way around the World Showcase. These interactive features add another level to the fun you can have in Disney World, so if you’ve got the time during your next trip, be sure to check it out!

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