American Airlines Announces HUGE Changes to Its Rewards Program

Many of us who fly to Disney World a lot have certain tips and tricks to get the best airfare possible (because, let’s face it, we’re already spending a lot of $$$ on a trip to Disney World).

Flying to Disney World can be expensive

From grabbing flight deals when they become available to using credit card rewards programs to nab flights to using airline loyalty programs, there are a few ways to get flights at a lower cost. However, one airline is making a BIG change to its reward program that will make it more difficult to book those reward flights.

According to CNBC, American Airlines is making a huge change to its frequent flyer program. For starters, members of the airline’s loyalty program, AAdvantage, will soon have to spend MORE to earn elite frequent flyer status. Previously, only 30,000 loyalty points were needed to earn gold status (the lowest tier which comes with perks like free upgrades). As of March 2023, though, AAdvantage members will need 40,000 to earn that status.

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American Airlines is also doing away with its MileSAAver and AAnytime awards, which allow members to redeem miles for tickets at set minimum rates. Instead, members will have access to “Web Specials,” which will have mile requirements based on demand — basically American Airlines’ frequent flyer version of surge pricing.

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Earning rewards will also become more difficult for members. Starting on January 1st, travelers using basic economy tickets will only earn 2 loyalty points per dollar — previously, travelers earned 5 loyalty points per dollar on those tickets.

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Some perks, though, will be offered to travelers who haven’t earned any status or are between status levels. AAdvantage members with at least 15,000 points will be allowed to board flights in Group 5 for one year and can pick between other perks: priority check-in and security lines with an earlier boarding group for one trip or five coupons for a preferred location seat.

Do you fly to Disney World?

So if you’re an AAdvantage member, keep in mind that these changes will happen next year. Another option to save on flights, other than loyalty status, is by using a travel-focused credit card with rewards that can be used for any kind of travel purchases, including those made with other airlines.

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Are you an AAdvantage member? What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments!

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