Getting Critical Information Just Got EASIER for Your Trip to Disney World

What are today’s park hours? How do you rent a wheelchair? What are the details about other rentals in Disney World?

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You’ve got questions, Disney has answers. But sometimes getting on the phone with Disney or even chatting with a Cast Member through the My Disney Experience app can take a LONG time — too long if your park day is about to start. So…what do you do? Well, a solution (or, at least, a partial solution) has been introduced.

Whip out your phones because we’re about to show you an updated feature of the My Disney Experience app. Disney World now has a “virtual assistant” feature within the Disney app chat function. To find it, open up your My Disney Experience app (and make sure you’ve downloaded the latest app updates).

Then, tap the 3 lines to the bottom right (the “hamburger” as some call it) and scroll down to where it says “Chat With Us.” The Chat With Us feature has been available for a while, so that isn’t new but it did not previously have a virtual assistant feature.

Get Ready to Chat!

Now, when you navigate to the chat, you can type in an initial message and the virtual assistant will pop up. The virtual assistant presents a variety of topics you can ask about (like park hours, rentals, and smoking areas) or you can tap “Get a Cast Member” to speak with a Disney employee.

Our Virtual Assistant is Here!

We first asked the Virtual Assistant about Park Hours. It then provided us with a link where we could see the park schedules, plus it reminded us about Park Pass reservations. If you have more questions, you can tap to keep chatting with the virtual assistant.

Park Hours Question

We tapped “Ask another question” and inquired about wheelchair rentals.

Get Ready for More Help

It then provided us with information about wheelchair rentals in the parks and at Disney Springs. It also provided us with options to preorder a wheelchair. When we tapped that, it gave us information about booking a wheelchair, ECV, or stroller through ScooterBug.

Wheelchair Rental Information

While the virtual assistant function can’t answer all of your questions, it can be helpful to get some basic (and sometimes critical) information in a faster way than waiting for a Cast Member to be available via chat. So, the next time you have a basic question, head to the chat and see if the virtual assistant can help. If not, you can tap the “Get a Cast Member” to speak with someone, call Disney directly, or speak with Cast Members in the parks.

That isn’t the only change that has been made to the Disney World app recently. It also now features updated Genie+ functions — like the ability to modify your Genie+ reservation (rather than cancel it to find a new one). We’ll keep an eye out for other app updates.

Toy Story Land

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Planning a Trip to Disney World? We’ve Got Everything You Need to Know

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