EVERYTHING We Know About Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Disney World

We’ll soon have one more spot to choose from when it comes to dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Toy Story Land

Roundup Rodeo BBQ is a new table-service restaurant coming to Toy Story Land, and we recently got some big news regarding an updated opening timeline, what we can expect from the menu, and more. But, if you’re still curious about what this new eatery might be like — we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing everything we know about Roundup Rodeo BBQ!

Toy Story Land is home to all things, well, toys — and the new table-service restaurant coming to this area is no different. Roundup Rodeo BBQ will transport guests to a rodeo arena created by Andy himself. He’s taken a few of his favorite games and play sets to set the scene, along with some very familiar toys — here’s what we know.


As we mentioned, Roundup Rodeo BBQ will take guests on a rootin’ tootin’ dining experience in a new play area that Andy created for those hungry rodeo cowboys and cowgirls surrounded by western toys and other items (cardboard cutouts, stickers, lights, blocks, and more). Guests will dine among western-themed play sets while “rodeo festivities” take place.

Rodeo Roundup BBQ ©Disney

We got to see a sneak peek of some of the tableware and other accents in a video released by Disney, and learned that the plates will be designed to look like disposable paper plates despite actually being made of bone china — which is pretty cool if you ask us.

China plate that looks like a paper plate!

It also looks like some of the glasses will resemble Mason jars, and we can probably expect to see some toy soldiers and barrels of monkeys! The table settings might end up looking like cowhide along with gingham napkins. Disney Imagineers worked with animators and designers at Disney Pixar Animation Studios to bring this concept to life.

Place setting

Disney shared a sneak peek at what the interior of the restaurant will look like once the project is complete — we can see that there will be Woody’s Roundup wallpaper in one spot…


…along with a toy train and barrel of monkeys.


You can also see how this restaurant is made to look like it was created by a child — the walls appear to be cardboard in some areas with aliens drawn on in crayon. It also looks like Andy has cut out Rex from his toy box and added a Buzz Lightyear sticker!


Overall, it sounds like this restaurant will have over-the-top theming and be a good time.

See the Sneak Peek of Roundup Rodeo BBQ Here


If you’re an avid DFB reader, you know we’re all about the FOOD! So, what can we expect from Roundup Rodeo BBQ? It’ll be a fully Italian-themed spot. Just kidding — they’ll be serving up barbecue, of course! Originally we could only guess at what that meant and spotted some clues in the video Disney released. Some sort of meat or sausage dish, condiment bottles — most likely barbecue sauce and bread service were all we could figure out.


But now, we know that this will be “a rollicking place for honorary toys to enjoy barbecue-inspired comfort foods served family-style, with platters of house-smoked meats, a roundup of sides, and some miniature sweet surprises along the way.” Sign us up! While we don’t have a full menu for this spot yet, we are excited to see what sort of meats and sides are available.

Can’t wait for barbecue!

We do know that everything will be served family-style, so think like what you might see at Liberty Tree Tavern or other table-service restaurants. This also means it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be a fixed price for adults and a fixed price for kiddos. Disney hasn’t shared any details on what sort of price range we’re looking at, so stay tuned for that info!

Everything We Know About the Food at Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Opening Timeline

Originally, Disney had shared that Roundup Rodeo BBQ would open by the end of 2022, but as we inch closer to that date — it was becoming clear they might not meet that deadline. Now we know the restaurant will open sometime in spring 2023.


No official opening date or even opening month has been shared, but we are getting closer to finally being able to enjoy Roundup Rodeo BBQ. More exterior finishing touches have been added to the front of the building, and we can see that what looks like cardboard siding has gone up at the entrance of the restaurant too!

Roundup Rodeo progress

We’ll be keeping up with all the latest news from Disney about any menu items or a hard date for when this spot might open, so keep checking back for more.

Toy Story Land

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