Where to Get HOT Pistachio Cherry Churros in Disneyland Resort!

What do you think of when you think of the holidays?

Christmas tree in Disneyland

Christmas decorations? What about special snacks? Maybe you even think of some outfits you love wearing during this time of year. How about really spicy food? If that’s a yes, from you, make sure you grab these churros during your holiday Disneyland trip!

These Pistachio Cherry Churros, which we tried back in September for Halloween, are still on the menu at the New Orleans Churro cart for the holiday season!

Pistachio Cherry Churros

What makes them so spicy you may ask? The ghost pepper dipping sauce. 😳

That sauce is HOT

The tartness of the cherry and sweetness of the pistachio is really masked by the grape ghost pepper sauce, so if you like spicy, this is great. But id you’re looking for the other flavors to actually come through? Maybe not. The sauce is on the side, so you can also just get the churros by themselves!

Pistachio Cherry Churros

If you’re looking for some other snacks to grab this holiday season, you can grab a new pretzel we ADORE, a sandwich that tastes like an entire holiday feast, and literal funnel cake fries! As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney snacks news.

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