If You Need Us, We’ll Be Dreaming of Disney’s New Dessert Pretzel

It’s the holiday season in the Disney Parks and there are SO many different ways that you can celebrate!

Sleeping Beauty Castle Decorated for Christmas

Over in Disney World, you can check out Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or those awesome gingerbread displays. And, in Disneyland, you can attend Festival of Holidays, see the snow on the castle, and so much more. A great thing about the holidays in Disneyland is all of the new FOOD that arrives, so come along with us to check out a NEW pretzel in Disneyland park!

This is the NEW Caramel-Pecan Cream Cheese Pretzel from Refreshment Corner. It’s a cream cheese pretzel topped with caramel sauce and candied pecans. Sounds pretty decadent, right?

This looks fun!

This pretzel is absolutely delicious! The chocolate and caramel sauces were all warm and gooey, which was amazing.


The chocolate was pretty rich while the caramel was sweet and buttery, so they paired perfectly together on the pretzel.

A great treat to eat!

The pretzel was also cooked very well with just a slight crunch on the outside and a warm and soft center. The center is also filled with sweet cream cheese, which was tasty!

Would you try this?

The pecans added a nice crunch to the treat as well, and were a welcome addition!

How do you pronounce “pecan?”

Overall, this is a super rich and filling snack or dessert, but we’d definitely qualify it as more of a dessert than a snack. This is also a good one to split with others (or keep it all for yourself — you do you!).

We recommend!

We honestly have no complaints here, this treat is great. But, obviously if you don’t like chocolate, caramel, pecans, or sweet treats, stay away. Otherwise, we think most people will really enjoy this!

A look inside

If you want to try out this pretzel for yourself, you can get it for $7.59 from now through January 8th, 2023. Note that it’s also available through mobile order!

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