7 Best Places for Late Night Eats Near Disney World

Many of us have been there before — you’ve been in a Disney World parks all day, snacking on popcorn and pretzels instead of sitting down for a real meal, and now the park is closing and you’re HUNGRY.

Disney World’s McDonald’s

Maybe you plan better than this in terms of food, but this definitely happens! Sometimes you don’t have dining reservations and you just want to go on rides while being fueled by popcorn. You might not even realize you can’t get a real meal anywhere until it’s too late, and all of the restaurants are closing in the parks, hotels, AND Disney Springs. So, what do you do? You get some non-Disney food! We asked our team, and here is what we think are the best late night food options near Disney World.

Taco Bell

Yep, trusty ol’ Taco Bell! Taco Bell stays open very late at night, which is one of its main benefits here. It’s also very inexpensive, there are a ton of options for picky eaters and adventurous eaters alike, and it’s consistent. It may not be 5-star dining, but you can count on it.

Pineapple Whip Freeze at Taco Bell

There are several Taco Bells nearby that you could take your car to, or if you don’t have a car, get it delivered! Taco Bell will revive you after a long day in the parks with tacos, burritos, cheesy roll ups, and Crunchwrap Supremes. This is also a great choice if you’ve been drinking around the world, but you probably know that already. 😉

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Similar to Taco Bell, Wendy’s is another great late night option! There is a Wendy’s right on the other side of I-4 near Disney World, and it stays open until 12AM. AND they deliver!


This is a good choice if you need a cheeseburger or some chicken nuggets and you just missed the closing time for all of the other Disney World restaurants that sell those items. Plus, it’s perfect if you have picky kids, and who doesn’t want a Frosty after a hot day in Disney World?

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We don’t need to tell you why McDonald’s is a good option, do we? It’s one of the most popular fast food spots in the world for a reason, and that reason is burgers, McNuggets, and those awesome French fries. So, if you’re not a Wendy’s fan, don’t worry! There are McDonald’s nearby as well.

Sometimes you just need a Happy Meal

In fact, there is a McDonald’s literally on Disney World property, so it’s very close by. It stays open until 12AM and it’s been redone, so it’s pretty nice! Oh, and they deliver, too, of course.

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White Castle

Want mini cheeseburgers instead of normal-sized ones? Head over to White Castle! This one is a tad further away than the others (just barely), but it stays open until 4AM, so if absolutely everything else is closed, you can count on White Castle!

Little burgers full of joy

The location near Disney World is relatively new, and we’ve been to check it out! We tried the sliders, onion rings, chicken rings, and even mozzarella sticks. There are SO many options here, it’s sure to make everyone in your group happy. There are even some vegetarian options!

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A classic — late night pizza. You can’t go wrong! Pizza is love, pizza is life, pizza is exactly what you need late at night. From Papa John’s to Domino’s to Pizza Hut, you’ve got a few options when it comes to recognizable chains that have reliable pizza. These spots are all usually open late and aren’t very far away from Disney World.

©Pizza Hut

You can have pizza delivered straight to your hotel, or go pick it up! There is some good pizza in Disney World, but if you missed your opportunity and your stomach is growling, you might just need a large crispy thin crust pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut to snack on while you lie in bed and watch TV at your hotel (a great way to end a Disney day).

The Best Pizza Places in Disney World

Il Mulino & Kimonos

Okay, this one is cheating a little bit. These restaurants are technically on Disney World property, but they are located in a hotel that’s not owned by Disney — The Walt Disney World Swan. Il Mulino is an higher-end Italian spot with pasta, pizza, and other classic dishes, and there is a big bar and lounge that usually serves food until about 11PM (but make sure you check ahead of time!). Giant bowl of pasta after running around EPCOT all day? YES, PLEASE.

Gnocchi Bolognese

Also in the Swan is Kimonos, which can stay open even later than Il Mulino — until 1AM! However, it does have a few days during the week (Monday and Tuesday right now) when the restaurant isn’t open at all, so keep that in mind. This is a sushi spot, and the sushi is pretty great.

Sushi Platter from Kimonos

If it’s still 80+ degrees late at night in Disney World, some cold, refreshing sushi might be just what ya need. Oh, and there’s also late night karaoke in here on some nights, so you could get dinner AND a show!

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Miller’s Ale House

Miller’s Ale House is right near Disney World, and it’s a great option if you don’t want to eat fast food. This is an actual sit down restaurant that’s near Disney Springs and offers a ton of different options. Their known for their Zingers (chicken tenders), but they also have pasta, steak, salads, sandwiches, and more. Oh — and there are also obviously a ton of beers on tap, because it is an Ale House after all!

©Miller’s Ale House

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