REVIEW: The Hot Chocolate Churro From Terran Treats at Festival of Holidays in Disneyland Resort

Put on those Christmas carols and start singing along because we’re taking you to Disneyland with us where the holidays are EVERYWHERE.

Terran Treats

Holiday merchandise is in the stores, there’s snow on the castle, and the Festival of the Holidays in Disney California Adventure is underway. There are also a ton of new holiday treats to try, and we’re bringing you along with us to try a new churro!

The Hot Chocolate Churro has left us a little perplexed, though. It’s a Hazelnut Chocolate, Spicy Chocolate Streusel, and Mini Marshmallows.


The churro was warm and kinda’ crunchy — we didn’t think it was as fresh as most churros we get in Disneyland. So here’s the thing. We loved EVERYTHING about this churro EXCEPT for the spicy chocolate streusel. We get that it’s supposed to be like a Mexican hot chocolate with a little spice, but it did not work for us at all with the rest of the flavors.

Hazelnut Chocolate Spicy Churro

When you first bite into it, it just tastes like a hazelnut chocolate and marshmallow churro dream. But then the spice kicks in and it becomes something different. For us, we would’ve preferred it without that. But those who love spicy chocolate just might appreciate these flavors.

Too spicy

You can try it for yourself at Terran Treats in Avengers Campus for $6.75. Also, stay tuned because we’re trying out ALL the new holiday snacks AND Festival of the Holiday food booths in Disneyland!

If you’re planning on visiting Disneyland for the holidays, be sure to check out the “it’s a small world” holiday overlay, as well as everything else confirmed for the resort for the holiday season.

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