PHOTOS: ‘it’s a small world’ Adds Dolls in Wheelchairs at Disneyland

The holidays have officially arrived in Disneyland. There’s snow on the castle, holiday merchandise in the shops, and loads of holiday snacks at restaurants

“it’s a small world” Disneyland

Another Disneyland holiday tradition, though, involves the classic attraction “it’s a small world.” The holiday overlay of the ride just reopened — and there’s been a HUGE addition to the ride. For the first time in history, “it’s a small world” has dolls in wheelchairs.

We certainly enjoyed seeing the holiday additions to the ride — they’re so much fun every year.

Happy Holidays from “it’s a small world”

But the new dolls are the stars of the updated attraction — here you can see one of them in a wheelchair singing. This is the South America scene.

It’s a small world after all…

We saw another doll in a wheelchair in the ride’s finale, too.

There she is!

Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine told CNN: “We are always looking to enhance our attractions with not just fun things, but meaningful things as well. And keeping timely with what’s happening in the world, and especially, you know, making things new.

“I know we never want our attractions to become so predictable that you could ride them with your eyes closed and know what’s going on in there. We like to constantly be surprising you with new things and important things, especially relevant things.”

So if you’re headed to Disneyland, be on the lookout for these additions. We’re continuing to cover the holiday season at Disneyland AND Disney World, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB for more.

“it’s a small world” Holiday

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