Where To Get Christmas in a Cup in Disneyland

Festival of Holidays is BACK at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort. The party officially starts on November 11th (and runs through January 8th, 2023), but some of the food booths opened EARLY this year, so of course we were there to try out the new eats.

Disney California Adventure

We’ve already tried out some curry mac ‘n’ cheese as well as a new chocolate bourbon-flavored tart. Now, it’s on to a booth that’s all about SLIDERS!

As its name implies, Winter Sliderland is home to various holiday-themed sliders! So if your favorite vibe is football game snacks, this is the spot for you.

Winter Sliderland Booth 2022

The entire menu is new at this booth — let’s take a look!


For eats, you can get the Holiday Ham Slider for $9 or the Brisket Slider (also $9).

Winter Sliderland Menu

The drinks menu includes a Cherry-Mango Punch ($6.50), Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail ($16), and a Purple Mickey Jingle Bell Glow Cube ($6).


First, we tried the Holiday Ham Slider, which is ham, cranberry-bacon jam, and Gruyère cheese on a salt and pepper brioche bun for $9.

Holiday Ham Slider

This was our favorite thing at this booth and one of the best things we ate all night! You get a very generous portion of ham on this slider, and the cheese on top is nice and melty. The cranberry jam is a little bit tart and a little bit sweet, and overall it’s just a great combination of flavors. We loved the bun as well — it wasn’t too salty, and we loved the hint of pepper it brought to the slider.

Holiday Ham Slider

Next up is the Brisket Slider, which is made with brisket, smoked onions, and horseradish ketchup on a pretzel roll for $9.

Brisket Slider

This slider was a bit of a “swing and a miss” for us. The brisket was very smokey (almost too much so), and the onions and horseradish toppings overpowered the flavor of the meat. However, the pretzel roll was delicious, and when we had some of the brisket on its own with the roll, we really enjoyed it!


To drink, we first went for the non-alcoholic Cherry-Mango Punch, which is made with cherry syrup, mango, and peach nectars with lemon juice and garnished with a frozen peach. You can get it for $6.50.

Cherry-Mango Punch

We loved this drink! It was heavy on the peach flavor (that probably should’ve been in the name instead of the cherry and mango) — it tasted almost like a peach Shirley Temple. It was super refreshing but still not too sweet.

Cherry Mango Punch

For the 21+ crowd out there, you can get the Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail, which has vodka, hazelnut liqueur, oat milk, tiramisu syrup, and chocolate bitters, garnished with Valrhona chocolate powder. It costs $16. (You can add the Purple Mickey Jingle Bell Glow Cube to either drink for an additional $6.)

Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail

This drink is like Christmas in a cup. Our ideal situation would be to be sipping on this tasty cocktail in front of a warm fire while it’s snowing outside — it has amazing cozy vibes.

Tiramisu Yule Log Cocktail

The drink itself isn’t too strong, and you get just a hint of chocolate. All of the flavors work well together, and we liked that it wasn’t too sweet.


In general, there were some big hits at the Winter Sliderland booth! Although we didn’t love that brisket slider, the Holiday Ham Slider was one of our favorite snacks at the entire festival. Both drinks were very tasty as well, and even though there were only 2 options, they cover both warm and fruity flavors between them as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Winter Sliderland Spread

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Festival of Holidays Decor

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