If You Buy ONE Thing From This Disney Festival Booth, Let It Be THIS!

A fun festival has just begun in Disney California Adventure park over at Disneyland Resort!

Festival of Holidays Decor

Festival of Holidays has returned for the holiday season, and it runs from November 11, 2022 through January 8, 2023. And, the food booths actually opened up EARLY! We’ve been checking out all of the new and returning food items, and there’s one booth that’s back for the first time in years. So, come along with us to check out what’s going on at Visions of Sugarplums!

Visions of Sugarplums first debuted at the festival in 2018 but hasn’t been seen since — until now!

Visions of Sugarplums

And, there’s a new item on the menu, so come along with us to check everything out.


Once of the food items on the menu is returning, while the other is new.


The returning item is the Sweet Potato-stuffed Corn Muffin and the new item is a dessert — a Chocolate Bourbon-flavored Tart!


There are also some drinks on the menu, which are both returning. They include the Cranberry-Chai Pisco Punch and the Piña-Hibiscus Mezcal Mule, which is similar to an item we saw at the Favorite Things booth last year.


We’re ready to dig in!

2022 Spread

We started out with the Sweet Potato-stuffed Corn Muffin with red beans, rice, and green onions for $7.25.


This was a really great item! The corn bread is very moist and the sweet potato filling is creamy and tasty, making it a great combo.

Would you try this?

The beans and rice also have some nice flavor, and they’re topped with some green onions, but they’re not the star of the show here — the corn bread muffin is! However, they do help make this item more filling.

Sweet Potato-stuffed Corn Muffin with red beans, rice, and green onions

Next, we got the NEW Chocolate Bourbon-flavored Tart for $7. This is made with layers of caramel and chocolate bourbon-flavored mousse made with TWIX cookie bar pieces.

Chocolate Bourbon-flavored Tart made with TWIX Cookie Bar Pieces: Layers of caramel and chocolate bourbon-flavored mousse made with TWIX Cookie Bar pieces

This dessert was good, but not great — we don’t think we’d get it a second time. The chocolate and caramel are both smooth and taste good, but we’re not sure if the tart really needed the added bourbon flavor. We could’ve done without it. The crust was very flaky and not too dry though, which was nice!


Now, let’s have a drink!


Now, time for some drinks! We went with the Piña-Hibiscus Mezcal Mule, which has Mezcal, pineapple-ginger-lemon purée, pineapple, lemon juices, hibiscus syrup, and ginger beer that’s garnished with a pineapple wheel for $15.

So pretty!

In our drink we also got the Purple Mickey Jingle Bell Glow Cube for $6! This is available at several of the booths at this year’s festival.

Glow Cube

We were not a fan of this drink, it was way too smoky for us! That’s due to the mezcal, which usually has a smoky flavor, but there are certainly different levels.

Piña-Hibiscus Mezcal Mule

The pineapple was very fresh, though, which helped the drink out and contrasted the smoky flavor. If you like smoky-flavored things, you’ll probably enjoy this! But if you don’t, we’d steer clear.

It certainly will look pretty in pictures, though

Also available at this booth is the Cranberry-Chai Pisco Punch, which has South American brandy, cranberry, and lemon juices with cranberry and chai syrups that’s garnished with a lemon wheel for $15.


Overall, this booth has some interesting flavors that either elevate or ruin a dish, totally depending on your flavor preferences! The Sweet Potato-stuffed Corn Muffin was easily our favorite thing we tried, and we would definitely go back and get it again. That’s probably also the best item for pickier eaters, if that’s something you’re looking for.

The tart would’ve been better without the bourbon, in our opinion, and we found the mule to be way too smoky for us. But, if you love mezcal, you might like it, so don’t write it off! It does have some other flavors that were really fresh.

Would you try this spot?

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