Many Disney Fans Do NOT Recommend Going to the Parks at Christmas. Here’s Why.

It’s no secret that visiting Disney World during the holiday season can be truly magical.

Christmas has arrived at Disney World!

You might be visiting to check out EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays, attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, or maybe you just want to stroll around and take in all the holiday vibes. But not everyone thinks Christmastime is the best time to visit, and we had to know what people think about visiting during the holidays. We asked DFB readers, “Would you recommend going to Disney World at Christmas time?” Here is what a few of our readers told us!

We reached out on Facebook and Instagram (give us a follow if you want us to write about your thoughts!) to find out whether our readers LOVE or HATE visiting Disney World during the holidays. Let’s jump in!

Yes, Definitely!

Many of our readers can’t resist the siren call of holiday music, decorations, and events this time of year. One reader said visiting during the holidays is “most definitely a must during the Christmas decoration season. Always, always so much fun,” and another reader chimed in, “Oh yes. The music, decorations, food, atmosphere, entertainment. Definitely yes!” 

Magic Kingdom’s Christmas Tree!

Several readers did warn about crowds, but that didn’t seem to deter them from visiting. This reader called the holidays the “most magical time of the year. But you have to go with the mindset that your ride experiences will be limited [and] there [are] so many other things to see [and] do.” You might experience some high ride wait times but there are so many other limited-time holiday-specific things to do that you might not even mind it much!

Holiday crowds in 2021

Another reader said, “Christmas is great fun. Super busy. Crowded, but magical!” It’s true that crowds tend to be higher during the holiday season, as Magic Kingdom is even known to hit capacity on Christmas Day. But still, as one reader put it, “you [must] have a high patience level and can accept that whatever you want to do may have to wait until your next trip. But enjoy the music, enjoy the decorations, and enjoy all that Disney offers outside of rides and attractions.

What to expect on Christmas Day in Disney World!

No Way

But for as many of our readers who love the holidays in Disney World, there are many that say absolutely not to visiting that time of year. One reader said, “No, I wouldn’t recommend it. I went right after Christmas and it was wall to wall people and really long lines. Disney Springs was almost unpassable.”

Holiday crowds in 2021

Crowds and wait times were a big reason for many readers to choose a different time of year for their visit. One reader said you shouldn’t visit during the holidays “if you want to ride rides,” and another just said plainly, “No — too crowded.”

Spaceship Earth line on December 27th, 2021

For others, it was very specifically the last few weeks of December to avoid. This reader said, “Nope! Christmas time to me means around Christmas Day. I’ve been to [Magic Kingdom] between the 27th or 28th about 12 years ago. I won’t do it again. To busy for me and many hours of waiting in line.” Another reader said, “I will never again go Dec 24 — Jan 2. It was insane.”

December 26th in 2021

But is there a time you can visit for the holidays without all the crowds? Some of our readers think so!

Check out the 2021 holiday crowds in Disney World right here!

Yes — But Only BEFORE Christmas

Many of our readers argued that if you want to experience the holidays in Disney World, the best time to visit is the end of November and early December! This reader said, “We went Dec 1–6 last year. All the decor, without the crowds.” Another reader added, “Not Christmas week, because that’s way too crowded, but early December? Definitely!”

Santa Mickey Cookie

If the holiday vibes are more important to you than the date, you might want to plan your trip ahead of Christmas Day. This reader said, “I would definitely recommend going in early December to participate in the Christmas festivities. It is amazing. I personally wouldn’t go during Christmas break because it’s so busy.”

Magic Kingdom Decorations

One reader noted that December 15th should be the stopping point if you want to enjoy the holidays without the huge crowds. They said, “Christmas season is magical but after the 15th the crowds a a lot bigger. It’s better before that date.”

Holiday Decor

So if you want to experience the holidays without all the chaos, you may want to take a look at the dates in late November (AFTER Thanksgiving) and early December (BEFORE school break), such as around December 1st to around the 15th. Crowds tend to be a bit lower during this time, but you can still experience the parks around the holidays, all the of the treats, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

If you are going during Christmas this year, we will be helping your out with tips to avoid or work with the crowds, the best things to eat and drink during your visit, and so much more. Let us know what you need help with our what you have questions about, and we will do our best to get you the answers you need!

There are so many holiday decorations to see!

So there you have it! Try out dates other than Christmas Day if you want to visit during the holidays without the bigger crowds. Keep following DFB for more Disney World planning tips and news!

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What do you think about visiting Disney World during the holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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