10 Pro Tips For Using UberEats in Disney World

If there’s one thing you know about us, it’s that we LOVE. FOOD.

GrubHub from D-Luxe!

We spend every day in Disney World looking for the newest food and reviewing it for you so you can have the most up-to-date information for your next trip! But what if you don’t want to eat at a Disney World restaurant? What if you’re craving something you have at home or just want an easy meal delivered right to you? That’s where food delivery services like UberEats come in. We’re sharing 10 pro tips for using UberEats while in Disney World!

1. Take advantage of pop-up deals on UberEats

When you open the UberEats app, there is usually some sort of pop-up deal that you can use for your order! Don’t just skip over them — see if they apply to your order and use them to save some money! For example, when we opened the app, we got a pop-up that said “Enjoy 40% off (up to $15).”

UberEats screenshot

It’s valid for up to 3 delivery orders with a $20 minimum. Pretty sweet! Deals change all of the time, but there are constantly new ones popping up. This is one of the easiest things to do, because the deals will pop-up right in front of you. Work smarter, not harder!

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2. Get food from Disney Springs

Did you know that food delivery services can pick up food from Disney Springs? That’s right — there are a few restaurants in the shopping and dining district that you can get delivered right to your hotel!

Disney Springs

We’ve tried this out before and it was a success! While we used GrubHub and not UberEats to get D-Luxe Burger delivered, there are some Disney Springs spots available on UberEats. The driver had no issue picking it up and it didn’t take too long (like the 3-hour wait we had using Postmates one time). You can order treats from places like Sprinkles Cupcakes on the app!

UberEats screenshot

We have seen restaurants listed on other delivery apps from inside the Disney World parks, but it did not work out since our driver did not have a ticket. So far we have not had any luck with restaurants inside the parks being able to deliver — check out our experience with that here!

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3. Use UberEats to deliver groceries

UberEats doesn’t only deliver from restaurants, but you can get groceries delivered, too! We’ve shown you how to get groceries delivered with services like Instacart and Amazon, but there are a few options through UberEats as well.

UberEats screenshot

When we checked for delivery, both Target and Winn Dixie came up as options for grocery delivery!

UberEats screenshot

Grocery delivery is a great option if you have a hotel room with a kitchen like some of the Disney Vacation Club rooms do. You can also order snacks like granola bars or crackers to pack with you as a way to save money in the parks!

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4. Meet your driver in the lobby

When you order food at home, you’re probably used to getting the food handed to you or left at your front door. But in a giant Disney World hotel, it’s easier to pick up your order in the lobby!

Art of Animation Lobby

In the UberEats app you can add a room number when you add the address, but that means your driver has to search through the entire hotel for your room number. This means you’ll have to wait longer and at bigger and more spread out resorts like Caribbean Beach, it could take a very long time for the driver to get to your door! 

Caribbean Beach Resort

Speed up the process by walking to the lobby — you can track when the driver will arrive in the app so you can see when you should start heading over as they get closer.

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5. Being a Disney+ subscriber has its perks

There are a few perks to being a Disney+ subscriber — hotel room discounts, early entry to the theme parks on Disney+ day, and even discounts on UberEats! Back in the summer of 2022, Disney+ subscribers could get a discount on UberEats for a limited time.


Although you can’t always count on a discount as a Disney+ subscriber, be on the lookout for deals. Be sure to stay tuned for DFB, because we’ll be the first to let you know if/when another deal like this happens!

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6. Buy an UberEats gift card

One of our favorite money-saving hacks is to buy a Disney gift card at Target if you have a Target RedCard and get 5% cash back on your purchase. You can do the same thing with UberEats gift cards!

UberEats gift card

Target does sell UberEats gift cards, so if you know this is something you want to do on your next Disney World trip, consider grabbing a gift card ahead of time!

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7. Schedule your delivery ahead of time

You ever think about your meals WAY before you’re going to actually eat them? Luckily UberEats has a feature for all of the planners out there — you can schedule a delivery!

The updated lobby of the Contemporary

Say you’re still in the parks but want to order from a specific restaurant on UberEats for dinner. You can go into the app whenever you want and choose a time for the order to be placed. UberEats will wait until the time you picked to send the order to the restaurant and voila! You’re set for dinner!

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8. Eat at off times to save $$$

Just like we say in the Disney World parks when it comes to Mobile Ordering food, we suggest eating at off times if you can. Waiting for Mobile Orders around peak lunch and dinner times can take much longer than eating at a weird time and the same goes for UberEats.

Mobile Order crowds

At peak times, UberEats will not only have a longer delivery time, but sometimes delivery fees are higher, too. Save time and money by eating between lunch and dinner time or after regular dinner time from about 8PM or after.

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9. Check other food delivery apps

UberEats has plenty of great options to choose from, but it may not be the best delivery option for what you’re craving! Each delivery service has different food options and even though some are the same across apps, other apps may have lower delivery fees.

D-Luxe Burger via GrubHub

We recommend having a few of the popular food delivery apps downloaded including DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates in case delivery fees are super high on UberEats for some reason. Or maybe your favorite restaurant near Disney World isn’t on UberEats! In that case, check around on the other apps.

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10. Try something new!

And last but not least, we recommend trying something new! Chances are if you are from a different state, there are a few restaurants around that you haven’t eaten at before. Instead of grabbing McDonald’s which has locations all over the place, consider trying somewhere like the Chicago-based chain Portillo’s which opened up in Orlando in 2021!


One of the best things about UberEats is that you can browse different types of food, so look around and see what tickles your fancy! You are on vacation after all — it’s a time to try new things!

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Those are 10 tips you can use if you want to order UberEats in Disney World! There is a lot of food at Disney World, but sometimes it’s nice to get something ordered right to your hotel or to change it up and try something new. We’ll continue to bring you updates from the Disney Parks, so stay tuned to DFB for more!

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Have you ever used UberEats at Disney World? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments!

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