The Biggest WORRIES Fans Have When Planning a Disney World Trip

We’re not going to sit here and pretend like planning a Disney World vacation is a completely relaxing experience, because that just wouldn’t be true.

Disney World vacations can take a LOT of prepping!

There’s a LOT of planning involved for Disney World trips, like how you’re going to get there, when you’re going to go, where you’re going to stay, the restaurants you want to eat at, the parks you want to go to, and more. It can be overwhelming for sure, and even if you plan everything out perfectly, there are still things that people worry about. We wanted to know what people are the MOST worried about for their Disney trips, so we asked our fans on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s dive into what they said!

We asked Disney fans “what worries you the most about your Disney World trip?” and we got a TON of responses. On Instagram, we took a poll for 4 of the most popular reasons, and it looks like people are mostly worried about crowds, with cost coming in second.

What are YOU the most worried about?

Now, let’s dive deeper into some of the written responses.


Yep, some people are worried about more than one thing, with one person saying “basically, everything. This has been the most stressful, least magical thing we’ve ever planned. I definitely do not see a repeat. Aside from the astronomical costs we’ve already paid, just the unnecessary hassle that Disney has created for their own experience. You have to plan and schedule and make reservations and pay extra just to stand in a crazy long line or get theme park food. They have made a day at Disney like a day at the office.”

Cinderella Castle

Another person wrote “the amount of planning, over crowded parks and ever increasing price. This will probably be a one and done trip for us since it’s a huge cost, logistical nightmare and decreasing benefits. I love Disney and so do my kids but it’s getting beyond our reach.”

Expedition Everest

There is definitely a big level of planning to a Disney World trips that you don’t normally see on other vacations like when you’re just hanging out at the beach for a week. It can be overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here — to make it easier for you!

We have all kinds of tips to help you plan, like the planning tips you need to know about before your next Disney World trip, 5 ways to save $1,000 on your Disney trip (really!), what to do if you can’t get the Disney World hotel reservation you wanted, and even your ultimate 1-Day plan for Magic Kingdom.

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Planning is a big factor, but we wanted to talk about it specifically, because a lot of people mentioned it as one of the things they’re the most worried about, especially DURING their trip. One person said they’re worried about “having to manage every detail every minute! Would love to leave my phone in my purse!


Another wrote a similar sentiment, saying they’re worried about “managing Genie+ while trying not to stay glued to my phone. I want to have a plan but not be over scheduled.” Yep, Disney has really become a place where you almost absolutely need to have a smart phone in order to maximize your time. The My Disney Experience app is home to Genie and Genie+, as well as a place where you can see wait times, make reservations, look at a map, and more.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

But, just know that you don’t HAVE to be on your phone all of the time, you can still try and just go with the flow as long as you’re very flexible with what you want to accomplish while you’re in the parks.


Another fan said that they’re worried about “having to make park reservations rather than having a lovely easy breezy time.Park Pass Reservations are still required, but after you make them, that’s pretty much it! The only thing different now is that you can’t always decide which park you want to visit on the day you’re visiting, especially during busy times of the year. But, getting a Park Hopper ticket will give you some more flexibility. Although now you cannot hop until 2PM. Also, keep checking those park reservations if the park you want is unavailable, because they DO open back up from time to time!

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Ah, crowds. Crowds and Disney World just kind of go hand in hand most of the time. It’s a popular place, people! But, we totally get why this is something to worry about, because it’s something that’s not really in your control unless you specifically plan to go at a time that’s usually not as crowded (but even then, it’s not a guarantee!).

Crowds in Disney World

One person said they’re worried about “overcrowding and prices that keep going up. Will it still feel magical or will it finally be too much? Our last trip almost convinced us not to come back. We used to be able to not spend more than 20 minutes in a line with FastPasses. Now, wait times are horrendous.”

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Wait

Other people said things like they “hate going when it’s busy, but everything else is manageable,” “wait times and crowds dictate the level of enjoyment for the trip every time,” and “crowds can make or break a trip for us, the price is always high, so we plan for that.” We can definitely see how lower crowds can make you have an easier time in the parks since you will likely be able to do and see more!

Toy Story Land

Along the same lines, some people mentioned that they were worried about other people, specifically rude people. One person wrote that they’re worried about “rude and down right mean guests. The people who think they, and their families are the most important people on the planet. Their time is more important. Their vacations are more important than anyone else’s.” It’s important to keep some perspective when you’re in the parks and remember that everyone is trying to have a good time, so don’t ruin it for anyone else!

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Getting on Rides

If you pay a lot of money to get to Disney World and to get IN to the parks, you expect to be able to go on the rides, right? But, sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when it’s busy. Many people mentioned that they were worried about being able to go on rides like Rise of the Resistance or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind because of how popular they are. It’s especially worrisome if you’ve been planning your trip to get on these rides for YEARS.

Don’t tell them anything!

If you’re worried about this too, you just need to make sure you’re prepared and informed about these rides ahead of time. Rise of the Resistance is almost always the most popular ride in the parks in terms of having a long wait time, so if you can rope drop the ride, do it if you want to minimize that wait time. You can also buy an Individual Lightning Lane for the ride to ensure that you’ll be able to get on Rise. And, when the ride breaks down (which happens quite a lot), we have tips for that, too!

Rise of the Resistance

As for Guardians of the Galaxy, the ride uses a virtual queue, so you can’t just go jump in line — you have to secure a boarding pass like you used to have to for Rise of the Resistance. We have ALL the tips and tricks for that right here, along with everything you need to know about getting on the ride! And remember, if you’re staying at a Deluxe Disney Resort, you have another opportunity to get on the ride if you visit during Extended Evening Hours.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Some people were just worried in general about wait times, though. One person said they’re worried about “wait times. Spending all that money to get into parks and not being able to get on the rides you really want to get on.” Just make sure you keep checking out those wait times as well as the forecasted wait times on the My Disney Experience app. And, definitely take advantage of rope dropping rides, Early Theme Park Entry, or Extended Evening Hours if you can.

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People are worried about the cost of going to Disney World, too. This is totally understandable, especially since we’ve seen a lot of things get price increases lately. One person said they’re worried about “how much food prices may have gone up since I initially booked.” These price increases can and do happen overnight, and we like to keep you as updated as possible so that you can be prepared!

Disney World

Other people expressed that they’re worried about the cost and not being able to go back to the parks anymore if it gets too expensive. Again, we will absolutely keep you informed if and when we see any price increases on things like food, merchandise, tickets, and more.

So much merchandise!

And, one person said they’re worried about costs because they “have no self control” when it comes to Disney. We can relate! It’s so hard to resist buying that new pair of ears or just ONE more Dole Whip, but that’s why it’s important to try and budget ahead of time (with some wiggle room) and stick to it if that’s what you need to do in order to be able to visit the parks.

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The Weather

Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable, so it’s totally valid to worry about it during your trip. Luckily, Disney knows how to handle most weather, since they deal with things like storms on the regular. But yes, rain can definitely put a damper on your Disney World days.

Stormy Weather

One person wrote “you can plan/save for everything except weather. Things change and it ruins a trip.” This is true! You can control a LOT of things about your Disney trip…except for the weather. The best thing you can do is to be prepared and remain flexible. Bring rain gear, have a backup plan, etc.

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Having a Good Time

Some people worry that after spending all this time planning and money for the trip that they’ll not have the best time possible. One person wrote they worry about “making sure everyone is happy and gets to do what they want to do.”

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Another said “on one hand I’m worried we aren’t going to do everything we want, on the other hand I’m worried that trying to do everything might make for a miserable trip. I know it’s all about balance.” You’re right! It’s all about balance. It’s not worth trying to do EVERYTHING if it’s going to make you miserable. It might be a good idea to sit down with your group before the trip to get 2-3 must-dos from everyone, so you can make sure those needs are met!



People are also worried about getting enough rest. One person said “making sure my family gets enough downtime, but can still do a lot! I want to get as much enjoyment as possible with the increase prices.” Remember that it’s important to take some time to decompress and take a break when you need it so that you can keep enjoying your trip.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

And, some fans are worried about not having a good enough time to want to go back. A fan wrote that they’re worried about “not returning. Disney has been our family vacation “go to” place since 1972…The excitement to return just is not there anymore. We were looking forward to celebrating the 50th together and even that has been a hum-drum let down.”

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Finally, you have the people who are truly not worried about anything at all. One person said “nothing worries me because it’s the most amazing place and I’m grateful every time I walk down Main Street and see the castle.” The view of the castle can truly make you forget about your worries!

Disney World

Another said “never have any worries, we just go with the flow, enjoy it all, and make magical memories to last a lifetime.” This person has it figured out! That is truly some of the best advice you can get for your Disney World trip. If you remain flexible and don’t have crazy high expectations about what can get done during your trip, you will have a better and more enjoyable time.

Slinky Dog Dash

And, one person said that they’re worried about “having to book another (trip) before I have even boarded my flight home, which is exactly what happened to me 4 weeks ago.” 😂 Oh yeah, we have also wanted to plan another trip as soon as we leave!

Magic Kingdom

We will be back with more tips and info on how to specifically help you overcomes some of these fears and worries!! And for more on what Disney fans have to say about Disney World, check out how Disney vacations would change if fans won the lottery, Disney World upgrades people think are worth the money, and how Disney World has made people mad.

Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news and updates.

3 Terrifyingly Easy Ways to Ruin Your Disney World Vacation

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