Check Out a Disney Halloween Treat That Has Its Own Theme Song!

Disney is really unleashing ALL of the holiday vibes today!


We’ve seen even MORE holiday decorations go up around the parks, but we’re STILL indulging in new Halloween treats! Even MORE spooky treats are out, and we’ve gotta eat them — because it’s our job! So let’s head over to Sunshine Seasons in EPCOT and see what this new treat is all about.

The Monster Mousse Dome Cake was spotted at Sunshine Seasons (a quick service restaurant in The Land pavilion) for $5.99.

Monster Mousse Dome Cake

Just look at that spooky little face — ’cause it’s DEFINITELY lookin’ at you!

It’s looking at you!

You know what we see when we look at it? Ok, yes, a tasty treat to eat…but beyond that…take a CLOSE LOOK! Now think back to some classic, retro songs. Still stuck? Ok, open up your Spotify and look up “Sheb Wooley.”

Can you see it?

See? Now you see it, right? 🎵 It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater…🎵 Ok, so he’s missing his wings for the flyin’ part… but one-eyed ✔, one-horned ✔, purple ✔. We’re gonna call it a match!

It’s a flying purple people eater!

But how does it TASTE? Inside that glossy purple coating is silky caramel mousse floating on top of an island of spiced caramel apple bites, all balanced on a flakey pie crust.


The BEST part is that apple pie filling that combines the tartness of apples with the sweetness of caramel, and still had some firmness. The caramel mousse was super sweet (dare we say, too sweet?). The purple “dome” and the candy melt “eye” are both edible, but not necessarily the highlight of the treat, except for appearances.

It’s a good value for the price, since it’s pretty tasty and pretty sizeable, but not necessarily a treat we’d go out of our way for. Though, we do love a snack that has its own theme song! 

Pretty good!

As always, be sure to stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Halloween news and food reviews!

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Halloween at Walt Disney World

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