2 NEW Food Booths Revealed for the 2023 Festival of the Arts in EPCOT

The International Festival of the Arts is coming BACK to EPCOT and it’ll feature some brand NEW things!

2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts

Disney has revealed that the festival will be back from January 13th through February 20th, 2023, and will have food booths, all kinds of beautiful art, the paint-by-number mural, and MORE. But for now, we’re focusing on some exciting news — 2 NEW food booths are joining the group!

Disney hasn’t revealed the full list of food booths for this year’s festival, but has noted that there will be 16 food booths in total serving up “art-inspired menus.”

One thing they have announced is that among those 16 booths will be 2 NEW creations. First up, we’ve got Moderne. This booth will be located near Test Track and will feature “new mouthwatering avant-garde menu items.”

Could Moderne take the place of Cool Wash, which we later saw renamed to Refreshment Station (only to later find that the sign had been covered up) or will it be located in the other booth near Test Track that has been utilized in the past for booths like The Fry Basket at the 2022 Food & Wine Festival (which is still going on right now)? We’ll have to wait and see.

Where Will It Go?

The other new booth will be Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey: Art, Food, and Little Sparks of Magic. This booth will feature food and drinks “bursting with vibrant colors and flavors.”

The Odyssey building has played host to a number of different booths at EPCOT’s festivals over the years, including Brew-Wing during the 2022 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival (which is still ongoing).

We’ll be interested to see exactly what this Figment-inspired booth serves up in 2023.


Disney has noted that more details about the new booths will be shared in 2023, so we’ll be on the lookout for more updates there.

In the meantime, be sure to click here to see our FULL PAGE all about the Festival of the Arts. And check out our video below from the 2022 Festival of the Arts to see what it was like!

Stay tuned for more news!

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