Your Genie+ Purchase Will Now Include Something MORE in Disneyland

Genie+ is CHANGING in Disneyland.


Genie+ is the PAID FastPass+ replacement service that can help you skip the lines at some of your favorite rides throughout the parks. We’ve already shared a comprehensive guide to Genie+ and a look at how the service is different in Disney World vs. Disneyland, but now something is changing for Genie+ users on the west coast.

Genie+ comes with slightly different perks in Disney World vs. Disneyland. When it initially launched, there were special PhotoPass lenses made available for Disney World, but those were NOT available in Disneyland. Instead, those in Disneyland got unlimited PhotoPass digital downloads for the day.

Now, things are CHANGING.


According to Disney, you can now snap a selfie in augmented reality using the Disney PhotoPass Lenses available through Genie+ in Disneyland! The feature debuted on October 4th.

But don’t worry, the other big PhotoPass perk isn’t going away from Disneyland. Disneyland Genie+ users will still get unlimited PhotoPass digital downloads for their day (along with other perks like audio tales). But the Genie+ service will also now include access to special PhotoPass lenses in the Disneyland app. Again, these are just for people who buy the Genie+ service.


What’s neat is that some of the PhotoPass lenses are unique to Disneyland Resort, meaning you won’t be able to check them out even if you use Genie+ in Disney World. According to Disney, the interactive photo moments could include an underwater picture with Marlin and Dory…


…and a selfie with Grogu — utilizing augmented reality. 


The video shared by Disney also depicts special lenses themed to snacks…


…photo strips…




…and more.


To learn more about the PhotoPass lenses you can check out in Disney World (including some you could do with your dog!), click here. Of course, keep in mind that PhotoPass lenses are subject to change.

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