What’s New at Magic Kingdom: Railroad Testing and TRON Construction

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A returning fall treat, tests running on a closed attraction, and 70 (!!) new pieces of merchandise — Magic Kingdom has seen a LOT of changes over the past week.


Magic Kingdom

If you haven’t been inside Disney World’s most iconic theme park recently, you might be surprised by just how quickly things can change. The park is constantly getting updates, but don’t worry — we’re in Disney World every day so we can keep you updated on all the new things! Come with us now to find out what’s new in Magic Kingdom.

There have been a lot of updates when it comes to snacks, construction projects, and Disney merchandise in Magic Kingdom. Let’s start with our favorite part: new treats!

Magic Kingdom Food Updates

Big Top Treats

OK, so these treats aren’t really NEW new — we saw them last year for the fall season, and now they’re back! These are the Chamoy Caramel Apples at Big Top Treats.


Caramel Apples

They’re green apples dipped in caramel, covered in Tajín seasoning, and served with Chamoy. We tried them last year, and they’re definitely the spiciest caramel apples in Disney World! They’re also a very tasty and unique treat.


Chamoy Caramel Apple

You can also get Churro Caramel Apples here, which is also a returning treat. Both of these apples cost $10.99 at Big Top Treats.

Click here to read our full review of the Chamoy Caramel Apple.

Magic Kingdom Construction Updates

TRON: Lightcycle Run

We hopped on the PeopleMover to get a look at construction on the upcoming TRON: Lightcycle Run roller coaster. This coaster will open in the spring of 2023, which means we’re getting pretty close to riding it!


TRON construction

Right now, we can see some walkways taking shape, and the tunnel for the Walt Disney World Railroad to pass through this area is also looking close to completion. In case you’re not already familiar with this ride, it’s based on the Tron: Legacy movie, with ride vehicles that look like motorcycles and lots of special lighting effects.

Click here to see more of the latest construction updates for TRON: Lightcycle Run.

Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

Work is continuing on the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. gift shop, which is the store at the end of the Space Mountain ride. While this shop is closed, guests are being directed to exit a different way.


Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

From what we could see, there’s work going on both inside this store and on the outside facade. Disney hasn’t announced when the shop will reopen, but it might remain closed until TRON construction is finished in this area.

What else is closed in Disney World right now? Find out here.

Walt Disney World Railroad

The Walt Disney World Railroad has been closed for a long time now (we’re talking multiple years here), and Disney still hasn’t announced when it will reopen. However, we’ve recently seen some signs that it could return soon.


Tomorrowland tracks!

The last time we were in Magic Kingdom, we heard the train testing! Although we couldn’t see the train, we could hear it chugging along on the tracks. Could that mean the Railroad will open soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Click here for an update on the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Center Street

The last of our construction updates takes us to Center Street, which is just off of Main Street, U.S.A.


Center Street Construction

There are some short construction walls in this area, and it looks like Disney is replacing the materials on the ground.

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Magic Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Have you got your wallet ready? This is about to be the ULTIMATE Magic Kingdom shopping spree. We’re talking 70 NEW souvenirs at 12 different stores around the park. Get ready, ’cause we’re about to dive in.


The Emporium is the big gift shop on Main Street, U.S.A., and it had most of the new items that we spotted in Magic Kingdom.


The Emporium

We found a new Groot nuiMO for $19.99. You can dress up the adorable Guardians of the Galaxy character in lots of different outfits, and his arms and legs are poseable as well.


Groot nuiMO

There was a new “Celebrate” MagicBand+ available for $44.99.


New MagicBand+

Fans of Pixar’s Turning Red won’t be able to resist this Red Panda hat for $29.99.


Turning Red hat

And if you’re ready to get into the spooky mood, check out this tea light holder featuring Binx from Hocus Pocus. You can get it for $24.99.


Binx Tea Light Holder

Some other Halloween-themed merchandise here includes the Oogie Boogie candy bowl for $39.99


Oogie Boogie Bowl

…a Zero onesie (featuring the ghost dog from Nightmare Before Christmas) for $19.99


Zero Onesie

…a kids’ Oogie Boogie t-shirt for $29.99


Oogie Boogie shirt

…a Disney villains phone case for $34.99


Villains Phone Case

…a Zero light-up dog leash toy for $28.17


Zero toy

…a Zero light-up toy for $29.99


Zero light-up toy

…a Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock, & Barrel bathtub figure for $24.99


Bathtub figure

…a Nightmare Before Christmas water bottle for $27.99


Nightmare Before Christmas water bottle

…and finally these Oogie Boogie Minnie ears for $29.99!



If you’re not ready to start celebrating Halloween quite yet, there were still plenty of other items that you could peruse. There’s a Black Panther Wakanda blanket for $59.99 (which we’ve also seen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom)…


Wakanda throw blanket

…a Jaguar stuffed animal (inspired by Disney’s Encanto) for $22.99


Jaguar plush

…a Turning Red red panda plush for $39.99


Turning Red plush

…a Bo Peep from Toy Story MagicBand for $29.99


Bo Peep MagicBand

…an Ahsoka Tano doll for $49.99


Ahsoka Tano doll

…and a Mickey water bottle with a Mickey-shaped carabiner on the lid for $29.99.


Mickey water bottle

We also found several new mugs here for all you Disney mug collectors! One was an Alice in Wonderland mug that said “Curiouser” on the front with art inspired by Mary Blair. This mug costs $19.99.


Alice in Wonderland mug

There’s also an Abuelo Mickey mug for $14.99


Abuelo Mug

…and an Abuela Minnie mug for $14.99.


Abuela Mug

We found a Cinderella mug that says “My Happy Place” on the back for $16.99


Cinderella Mug

…a Pirates of the Caribbean mug with a sword for the handle for $19.99


Pirates of the Caribbean mug

…and a mug featuring Marie from The Aristocats for $19.99.


Marie mug

We’re not quite done yet! There was a Mickey & Minnie t-shirt for $39.99


Mickey & Minnie shirt

…a Mickey & Minnie sweatsuit with the top at $64.99


New Sweatsuit

…and the pants at $49.99



…and an Encanto kids’ t-shirt that says “Familia is everything” for $19.99.


‘Encanto’ Shirt

You can find some more Aristocats merchandise in the form of a gold Marie flower vase (with artificial roses inside) for $39.99


Marie Vase

…and a Marie table runner for $59.99.


Aristocats Table Runner

We saw a Disney Carrousels snow globe for $39.99


Snow globe

…a Star Wars shirt for dogs for $39.99


Baby Yoda pet shirt

…and an Alice in Wonderland card holder for $16.99.


Alice in Wonderland card holder

Rounding out our trip at the Emporium, we came across these awesome 50th Anniversary Crocs for $64.99


50th Anniversary Crocs

…and some rose gold confetti Minnie ears for $29.99.


Rose gold ears!

We hope you’re not too tired of shopping yet because we’re just getting started! On to the next store!

Main Street Bakery

The Main Street Bakery is actually the Starbucks location in Magic Kingdom. So the new merchandise we found here was, of course, Disney Starbucks cups! There’s the Magic Kingdom tumbler for $27.99


New Starbucks Cup!

…and the Magic Kingdom tumbler ornament for $17.99.


Magic Kingdom Ornament

There are Starbucks tumblers for all of the Disney World parks both in the parks and online.

Click here to see more of the Disney World Starbucks tumblers!

Star Traders

Remember that Groot nuiMO we found in the Emporium? Well, we spotted some outfits that he might like over at Star Traders! There’s a Darth Vader nuiMO costume for $17.99


Darth Vader outfit

…and a complete Star Wars nuiMO outfit for $17.99 as well.


Star Wars outfit

There were more Black Panther souvenirs here, too. We saw a Wakanda hoodie for $69.99


Wakanda Forever sweatshirt

…a Wakanda shirt for $29.99


Wakanda Forever shirt

…and Wakanda sweatpants for $49.99.


Wakanda Forever sweatpants

Finally, this store had a Skeleton Dance incense burner for $44.99.


Incense burner

The incense burner is inspired by the Disney short “The Silly Symphonies – Skeleton Dance.”

Big Top Souvenirs

Right before you grab that Chamoy or Churro caramel apple at Big Top Treats, take a look around at Big Top Souvenirs! This spot had the new Prince Charming Regal Carrousel collectible key for $29.99.


Collectible Key

It also had a bunch of new magnets! All of these magnets cost $14.99. You could get a pretty cool Spider-Man magnet


Spider-Man magnet

…a Star Wars rebel magnet


Rebel Magnet

…a Jedi magnet


Jedi Magnet

…a Bounty Hunter magnet


Bounty Hunter Magnet

…or an Empire magnet.


Empire Magnet

Whichever Star Wars team you claim, now you can rep your group with a new magnet.

Frontierland Trading Post

Frontierland Trading Post had a couple of new Spider-Man pins available.


Spider-Man Pins

On to the next shop!

Bonjour! Village Gifts

In Fantasyland, you can stop by Bonjour! Village Gifts to see some cool Disney artwork. We saw a new Tinker Bell statue by Jim Shore for $50


Tinker Bell Statue

…and a painting called “Stories From Our Parks.”


New Artwork

The painting was $199.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori is one of our favorite Magic Kingdom gift shops — it’s all themed to Haunted Mansion! This time, there were some new Madame Leota glow-in-the-dark pillows for $29.99


Madame Leota pillow

Haunted Mansion glow-in-the-dark socks for $14.99


Haunted Mansion socks

…a kids’ shirt that features the Hitchhiking Ghosts for $24.99


Hitchhiking ghosts shirt

Haunted Mansion plates to give your kitchen an extra spooky feel…


Haunted Mansion plates

…and a Haunted Mansion mug for $24.99.


Haunted Mansion mug

The mug looks kind of like an urn, which we think is the perfect scary touch.

Uptown Jewelers

We’re switching from the frightening to the fancy and heading to Uptown Jewelers next! This luxurious store had a new Star Wars backpack for $120


Star Wars backpack

…and a layered necklace set for $125.


Layered necklace

There was also a new collection of Black Panther-themed jewelry.


Black Panther Jewelry

You can get a necklace for $175


Black Panther necklace

…a beaded bracelet for $40


Black Panther bracelet

Black Panther earrings for $50


Black Panther earrings

…and the cuff bracelet and matching necklace set for $125.


Black Panther necklace

All of these are in honor of the upcoming release of Wakanda Forever.

Hundred Acre Goods

Hundred Acre Goods can be found near The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride. At this shop, we found a new Pooh Bear ornament for $26.99.


Pooh Bear ornament

If you’re getting ready for Christmas early, this might be the perfect addition for your tree.

Sir Mickey’s

Sir Mickey’s is an incredibly detailed gift shop in Fantasyland. Look out for Willie the Giant trying to take the roof off the store! Here, we spotted a Rapunzel designer doll


Rapunzel doll

…and a Cinderella designer doll. These are both part of Disney’s Designer Collection, and they cost $129.99.


Cinderella doll

We also spotted a kids’ Ariel costume.


Ariel costume

The costume was $59.99.

Liberty Square Parasol Cart

At the Liberty Square Parasol Cart, you can get a parasol that’s been hand-painted with Disney designs. There were some spooky designs when we stopped by, including some Hocus Pocus parasols


Halloween parasols

Mickey pumpkin parasols


Mickey Pumpkin parasol

…and Candy Skull parasols.


Candy skull parasol

These would be great for a sunny day in Disney World.

Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar

We’ll end our journey in Adventureland, where you can find the Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Here, we found a Coco glass cup for $14.99.


‘Coco’ glass

We did it! That was a LOT of new merchandise, so we hope you found something you liked!

We’re always looking out for the newest updates at Disney World. Want to check out what’s new at the Disney World hotels? (Here’s a hint: there’s a GORGEOUS pair of Minnie ears at the Grand Floridian!) And don’t forget to see the updates over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well!


Magic Kingdom!

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