2 New Snacks Could Make You CHANGE Your Dining Plans in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’ve celebrated Halloween through snacks, and we’ve tried a bunch of treats for the 50th Anniversary, but now it’s time to go big for Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month in Disney World!


Animal Kingdom

This year, Disney World is celebrating with a bunch of limited-time eats and drinks around the parks and resorts, and we (of course) are trying a bunch of them! Next on our list, we’re hitting up Animal Kingdom for two items you may be interested in.

At Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom, you’ll typically find basic quick-service food like chicken strips, burgers, and fries. But today, we’re venturing out of the usual to try two NEW things: the Cuban Sandwich and the Tres Leches Cupcake!



Let’s start with the Cuban Sandwich — it’s $11.99 and is made with roasted pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and pickles served on buttery Cuban-style bread with french fries. Sounds delicious, if you ask us!


Cuban Sandwich

First, let’s go over the “pros.” #1: we LOVED the tangy flavor of the mustard and the pickle. It complimented the meats and cheeses really well and helped balance out the flavors. #2: the Cuban-style bread was DELICIOUS and oh-so-buttery, though it did get a little mushy on the edges so watch out for that.

#3: the flavors in the dish as a whole were really good and it didn’t feel too heavy. Grabbing a really heavy and greasy meal can weigh you down in the parks, and this, thankfully, didn’t give us that feeling at all. And finally, a round of applause for the Disney Cast Members who gave us a TON of fries. A+. \"👏\"


A Closer Look

Now, for the “cons.” #1: unfortunately the pickle was one long, thin slice and was hard to bite. It slipped right out of our sandwich, which didn’t exactly make for a great situation.

#2: this was not exactly a large portion (which might have been why they made up for it with fries, but still). If you’re looking for something that’ll really fill you up or will be hefty enough to share, this might not be it. It was pretty thin (Cuban sandwiches are pressed down generally but this was thinner due to a smaller amount of meat, in our opinion). Even Disney’s image promoting it seemed to make it look a little heftier.



For $11.99, we would have liked a little more meat.


Lots of Fries But the Sandwich Isn’t All That Big

Our final thoughts on this one — if you are craving a Cuban sandwich specifically or just a sandwich in general, this will probably do the trick! Our reporter shared that they liked this more than a standard Disney burger and it is nice because it offers a more unique entree option at a spot that usually only serves up the basics.


Good But a Little Thin

But, be warned! If you are a Cuban sandwich connoisseur or you’re expecting a really high-caliber Cuban Sandwich, you’ll probably be a little disappointed. The sandwich is relatively simple and it’s pretty small — so it’s not exactly the best Cuban sandwich you’ll ever eat in your life. Also, if you hate mustard or pickle, steer clear of this meal.


Not Exactly the Thickest Sandwich

Now it’s time for dessert! The Encanto-themed Tres Leches Cupcake is a plant-based treat, and it’s made with a vanilla cake soaked in almond, coconut, and oat milk, plant-based cinnamon, swirls of whipped icing, and passion fruit boba. As an added bonus, it’s topped with a white chocolate piece featuring Antonio, Chispi, and Pico from Disney’s Encanto!


How Cute Is That?!

Let’s hit up those “pros” first again. #1: the cake was moist. #2: there were a LOT of toppings and we really enjoyed that. #3 the boba provided a surprisingly good burst of flavor. It was unique to have that incorporated into a cupcake (as opposed to maybe a drink) and we really liked that.

#4: the cupcake was sweet (as it should be!) and the flavors were simple, but not necessarily in a bad way. Sometimes simple is best when it just works right! #5: if you love frosting, you’ll REALLY like this — it had a whole bunch of frosting to enjoy. #6: it is adorable, particularly thanks to that white chocolate decoration on top, making it a great pick for your Instagram and TikTok!


Okay This Is Adorable

But not everything was perfect about this cupcake. Let’s hit those “cons.” #1: the amount of frosting is great for frosting fans, but could be a bit too much for those who like having more cake in their treats. #2: the cake at the bottom gets a little mushy because it has been soaked in those various kinds of milk a bit more (that’s pretty typical for a tres leches dessert), but the cake on top is a little drier. Some might like that textural difference, while others might not enjoy it. #3: it is a bit harder to eat since you can’t remove the wrapper so you have to eat it with a spoon, rather than how you might normally eat your cupcake.


You’ll Have to Dig in There to Eat It

Overall, if you love sugary treats or Encanto, you might really like this. We think this could also be a good one to pick up if you love tres leches but you want something a little more unique since it has that boba in it.


A Look Inside

You can order this cupcake for $5.99. Note — it’s also available at Flame Tree Barbecue and Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom.


Look At That Frosting!

That’s all we got at Restaurantosaurus for Hispanic Heritage Month for now. You can get both of these treats from September 15th to October 15th. If they weren’t even on your radar before and these sound like snacks you’ve simply GOT to try, it might be time to change up those dining plans for your day in Animal Kingdom!

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