PHOTOS: Original Haunted Mansion Props On Display at the Walt Disney Archives Exhibit

Welp, D23 Expo is finally here!


The D23 Expo is here!

It’s going to be HUGE this year — we’re ready for some BIG announcements from panels about Disney movies, TV shows, and parks! At the same time, we’re enjoying all the fun costumes, as well as checking out Walt Disney’s plane, all the exclusive merchandise, and all the exhibits. So let’s take a “Step In Time” into the Walt Disney Archives exhibit at the Expo!

The “Step In Time” exhibit features iconic costumes and props from Disney movies and TV shows! There’s even a prop that all Disney Channel kids will need to see (we’ll get to that in a bit).


Let’s go take a look!

This is a standalone exhibition specifically for the 2022 D23 Expo. It showcases just how much history is available in the Walt Disney Archives from the past 100 years! Let’s take a look at what’s at the exhibit.

Steamboat Willie

The exhibit has different sections for different parts of Disney history, and it starts out with Steamboat Willie, which was the first appearance of Mickey Mouse! You can even step inside the famous steamboat.


So cool!

This cartoon premiered in 1928 — almost 100 years ago!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first fully animated feature that Disney ever made, and there are a bunch of cool things from the film here.


The Dwarfs!

There’s even a program from the movie premiere that happened in Hollywood!


Original Program

And, you can see a Snow White costume!



The first Disney princess, everybody.


Disneyland was of course a HUGE project for the Walt Disney Company, and it opened all the way back in 1955.


Disneyland Section

You can check out more info about the park as well as some displays and old artifacts.


Things from Disneyland

It’s really wild to see just how far things have come!

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins was another big movie for Disney back in 1964, and you can see her original costume here!



There are also some horses from the carousel in the movie…


So pretty!

…and some penguins!


Love them

Really bringing out the “step in time” to the exhibit with the same name!

Haunted Mansion

Okay, folks — this is really cool if you’re a Disney Parks fan. There are a TON of original props from the Haunted Mansion!



We’re not going to lie, some things here are pretty creepy. Like, the eyes on this iconic portrait…


It’s watching you…

…and the BRIDE! Okay, we’re going to have nightmares now.



These props are very cool, though.


Disney history

And hey — it’ll get you in the perfect spooky spirit for Halloween!


A ghost will follow you home!

Definitely go check them out if you have the chance!


There is a section showing props from the 1982 TRON movie, too!



And, you can even see some of the arcade games that were made for the movie.



Looks a little bit different than what we’ve been seeing about the new TRON ride in Disney World!

Dick Tracy

1990’s Dick Tracy has a part of the exhibit, which showcases some of the costumes from the movie.


Look at the costumes!

The movie came out in 1990, but was set in the 1930s, so it has a fun look to it.

Disney Channel

Okay, Disney Channel fans — there are a bunch of fun things for you at this exhibit! First, you can actually step inside a giant TV, pick up a glowing wand, and do the iconic “Hi, I’m *insert your name* from *insert your favorite show* and you’re watching Disney Channel!” Then, trace the Mickey Mouse head! This is what dreams are made of.



There are also a bunch of costumes from Disney Channel movies and TV shows, like Hannah Montana


The best of both worlds

Wizards of Waverly Place


Who remembers this?!

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


London’s outfit

High School Musical


Chad and Sharpay’s outfits

…and Camp Rock!


Mitchie and Shane’s outfits

Do you see any of your favorites?

Star Wars

There is also a section for Star Wars! Disney officially acquired the franchise in 2012, so you know they had to include some iconic droids in the exhibit.


Hi, friends!

This is an amazing exhibition, but next year, there will be a separately launching exhibition that celebrates even broader aspects of the company and history for the 100th year anniversary of The Walt Disney Company.


Coming next year!

If you happen to be at D23 Expo, be sure to stop by the exhibit and check it out for yourself. These aren’t things you get to see every day after all (seriously, y’all, that WAND).

If you can’t make it to D23 Expo, don’t worry — you can still watch many of the biggest panels ONLINEyou can find the full schedule here. We’ll also keep you updated on all the news coming out of the D23 Expo, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB!

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