Embroidered ‘Coco’ Ears Will Be Your New Favorite Disney Accessory

Just when you thought Disney had released all the possible new Minnie ears designs…they do it again!


Lots of Minnie Ears!

We’ve seen Halloween Minnie ears, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Minnie ears, stunning pearl Minnie ears, and more. Just today we spotted new ears with cozy fall vibes in Disneyland. And now we’ve found even MORE ears that you’ll want to add to your list. Come check them out with us!

We visited Downtown Disney today, which is Disneyland’s shopping and dining district. You don’t need a park ticket to get into this area, so it’s a great spot to grab a bite and do some souvenir shopping. One of the biggest Disney stores can be found here — World of Disney.


World of Disney

That’s where we found these new Coco-inspired Minnie ears!


‘Coco’ Minnie Ears

The ears are designed with a Day of the Dead theme, with orange and purple embroidered marigolds as the ears, a crocheted bow, and a sugar skull decal in the center.


A closer look at the bow

The headband itself is black on the outside with a light blue interior. The back is fairly plain.


Here’s the back

You can get these new ears for $29.99 at World of Disney! We haven’t seen them online or in Disney World yet, but we’ll be on the lookout.


The embroidered ear

In the meantime, you can see all the Minnie ears you can get online here! And if you’re looking for even more Disney merchandise, we’ve gathered up all the Disney World 50th Anniversary merchandise you can find online into one place — check that out here.


Ears in EPCOT

Stay tuned to DFB for more updates from Disneyland and Disney World!

Click here to see all the Minnie ears you can buy online.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QjMfX0pJLM]

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