What’s New at Disneyland Resort: TONS of Must-Try Snacks

Halloween Time has officially started in Disneyland!


It’s Halloween Time!

That means we’ve been admiring all the Halloween decorations in the parks, eating a lot of new snacks, AND getting ready for the first Oogie Boogie Bash! We’re also keeping up with all the other new food and merchandise in Disneyland, so let’s get to some updates!

Disneyland Food Updates

New Orleans Square Churro Cart

We’ll be honest. We weren’t sure about the Pistachio-Cherry Churro with Ghost Pepper Grape Sauce. It’s a Cinnamon Churro rolled in Pistacho and Sour Cherry Sugars with…we repeat…a ghost pepper grape sauce for dipping.


Pistachio Cherry Churros

The churros were very messy and the flavor wasn’t…well, great. But the dipping sauce? That was our favorite part! It’s available for $6.75.

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Red Rose Taverne

‘Tis the season for Pumpkin Cold Brew and we picked one up at Red Rose Taverne! It’s made with Pumpkin-flavored Cold Brew, Vanilla, and Spices topped with Whipped Cream for $6.29. Let’s just say it’s a good alternative to the traditional Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Pumpkin Cold Brew

The flavor is more pumpkin spice than pumpkin, though, so keep that in mind!

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Galactic Grill

The Oktoberfest-inspired Burger has arrived for a limited time at Galactic Grill. It’s made with an Angus Beef Patty, Bratwurst, Grilled Peppers and Onions, Sauerkraut, and House-made Mustard Cheese on a Pretzel Bun. It’s served with your choice of Greek Yogurt or French Fries, and you can get one for $15.49.


Oktoberfest-Inspired Burger

Let’s just say we weren’t huge fans of this one and leave it at that.

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Tomorrowland Churro Cart

Okay, so we grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Churro…for reasons! It’s a regular churro that’s been rolled in pumpkin spice-flavored sugar. You can also get it served with Brown Butter Cream Cheese dipping sauce! If that sounds good, well, we can confirm that yes, IT IS GOOD.


Pumpkin Spice Churro

There isn’t a BIG pumpkin flavor here (it’s mostly just the spices), but it goes so well with the dipping sauce! Grab one now for $5.75 — the dipping sauce is $1.50.

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Sleeping Beauty Castle Churro Cart

Wait…there are WAY more churros to talk about. We got TWO new churros at the Sleeping Beauty Castle Churro Cart. First, we had the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Churro, which is served with Creamy Peanut Butter Vanilla Dipping Sauce. But wait…because the sauce is GREEN.


GREEN Peanut Butter?!

We did up like the sauce, but the churro? Well, we never thought we’d say there’s something as TOO much chocolate flavor but here we are. The churro is $5.75 and the dipping sauce is $1.50.

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Fantasyland Churro Cart

Speaking of interesting dips, we grabbed ANOTHER churro and the Pumpkin Pie Dip for $1.50. So here’s the thing, if you love pumpkin, you will need to try this dip. It tastes pretty fresh and has a LOT of pumpkin flavor.


Pumpkin Pie Dip

If you don’t like pumpkin, though, it’s probably not going to be your thing.

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Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour

We found one of our FAVORITE Halloween treats at Gibson Girl. It’s the Rocky Road Halloween Sundae and it’s made with a Waffle Bowl that’s filled with Rocky Road Ice Cream, topped with Marshmallow Cream, Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, and Sprinkles for  $8.49.


Rocky Road Halloween Sundae

EVERYTHING about this dessert was delicious, so this is one we will highly recommend.

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Disneyland Merchandise Updates


We found a new BaubleBar collection dedicated to A Nightmare Before Christmas! There are Lock, Shock, and Barrel Earrings for $60


Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Oogie Boogie Earrings for $50


Oogie Boogie

Jack Skellington Earrings for $50


The Pumpkin King

…and a Jack Skellington Bracelet for $60.



We also found a Tie Dye Halloween Spirit Jersey for $74.99


Disneyland Halloween!

…a Madame Leota Pillow for $29.99


From regions beyond

…a Jack and Sally Crossbody Loungefly Bag for $70


Simply meant to be

…an Ewok Expeditions Pin



…an R2-D2 Trash Pin for $9.99


R2-D2 loves trash

…and a Grogu Force Pin Set with two pins!


Two pins!

The pins set is $17.99.

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Plaza Point

Two new ornaments have arrived, including a Disneyland Castle Ornament for $24.99


It’s the castle!

…and a Key Ornament.


The Key!

The Key Ornament is $22.99.

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Disney Clothiers

How about a new wardrobe? There’s a Nike Mickey Pullover Shirt for $90


New Nike pullover

…a Chip ‘n’ Dale Relaxation Vacation Tank Top for $29.99


Chip ‘n’ Dale

…a Snow White Shirt for $68


The fairest shirt of them all

Snow White Pants for $78


Those would go great with that shirt!

a Snow White Headband for $19.99



…a Snow White Purse for $39.99…


ALL Snow White

Mickey and Minnie Sweatpants for $49.99, a matching Sweatshirt for $64.99


Matching Mickey and Minnie sweat gear

…and a Mickey and Minnie Dress.


Mickey and Minnie!

The dress is $69.99.

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China Closet

You can get a Princess Dress Beach Towel for $24.99


It’s a Princess Dress

…and a Skeleton Dance Decanter!


Skeletons are everywhere

The decanter is $34.99.

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Disney Showcase

The Skeleton Dance Denim Jacket has arrived. It’s $74.99.


The jacket is here!

We also found a Hades Sweatshirt for $54.99


He’s a hot head

…a Villains Magnet Set for $19.99


Three magnets

…a Mickey Pumpkin Candy Bowl for $39.99


Candy bowl

…a Hades Hat for $29.99


Hades Hat

…a Skeleton Dance V-Neck Tee for $36.99



…a Skeleton Dance T-Shirt for $29.99


More skeletons

…a Skeleton Dance Long Sleeve Shirt for $39.99


Even MORE Skeletons

and an Evil Queen Jacket.


The most wicked jacket of them all

This wicked jacket is $79.99.

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Port Royal

Here, we found a Hitchhiking Ghosts Hat for $24.99


A ghost will follow you home

..a Jack and Sally Trinket Tray for $14.99


Cute trinket tray

…a Nightmare Before Christmas Tumbler for $22.99



…a Nightmare Before Christmas Mug for $22.99


Looking for trouble

…a Nightmare Before Christmas Trinket Jar Set for $29.99


Fun jars

…a Nightmare Before Christmas Let’s Be Friends Shirt for $29.99


Let’s Be Friends

…a Jack Skellington Kid’s Long Sleeve Shirt for $34.99


Kid’s shirt

…a Villains Up To No Good Bag for $39.99


Up to no good

…and a Poison Apple Phone Case.


Just one bite

The phone case is $34.99.

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Black Spire Outfitters

There’s a new Star Wars Pencil Set for $17.99, along with…


Pencil set

…a Creatures Notebook!



The notebook is $24.99.

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Star Trader

A new Star Wars Sweater has turned up for $49.99.


May the Force Be With You

We also found a Star Wars Scarf for $39.99


Star Wars scarf

…a Grogu Art Set for $29.99


This looks like fun

…and two One Family Mystery Pin Sets. Here’s the first…


One Family

…and here’s the second!


Another One Family Mystery Pin Set

The mystery pin sets are $29.99.

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California Adventure Food Updates

Lamplight Lounge Boardwalk Dining

We tried three new seasonal items here, including the Ghost Pepper Nachos made with Charred Ghost Pepper-Marinated Chicken, Smoky Ghost Pepper Cheese Sauce, Black Bean Purée, Avocado Tomatillo Salsa, and Seasoned Tomatoes for $23. Let’s just say OUR MOUTHS ARE STILL ON FIRE. But they are tasty!


Ghost Pepper Nachos

We also dug into the Chile-Ginger Pork Belly Sliders made with Chili-Ginger Glazed Crispy Pork Belly and Asian Slaw on Baguette Buns for $22. First, these aren’t really sliders, but a sandwich that’s been cut into three pieces. Okay, fine. The baguette was kind of tough to bite into, but the sauce is really good.


Pork Belly Sliders!

Finally, we tried the One Last Toast drink which is Patrón Silver Tequila, Cucumber Simple Syrup, Tamarind Simple Syrup, and Fresh Lime Juice, garnished with a Marigold for $18.


One Last Toast

The drink was pretty tasty and gave us cucumber margarita vibes!

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Jack Jack Cookie Num Nums

We traded our regular Num Num cookie for a Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie, which is a Buttery Shortbread Cookie dipped in Chocolate with a Jack-Jack Chocolate Piece on top for $6. It was DELICIOUS. The shortbread was buttery and the icing on top was nice and sweet.


jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie

This cookie is a must for shortbread fans.

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How could we resist the Blood Orange Shake? It looks pretty bloody (just for Halloween) and comes with a Whipped Topping and Strawberry Sauce for $8.99It tastes more like candy orange than a fruity orange, but we liked it!


Blood Orange Shake

We have to admit it looks pretty cool, too.

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Pym Test Kitchen

Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Butter Pecan Cold Brew might just be our new favorite drink of the fall. It’s made with Butter Pecan-flavored Cold Brew that’s topped with Candied Pecans for $6.79. This one was a winner for us — it made us think of having coffee with pecan pie, but it’s all in one cup.


Is butter pecan the new pumpkin spice?

If you love pecan flavors, this one is a must!

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Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream

There are two new items at Clarabelle’s to try, too. The Cereal Sundae is made with Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream, Berry Compote, Mixed Cereal, and Whipped Cream, served in a Waffle Cup and topped with Fruity Cereal. It’s $8.49 and it’s pretty much a decent sundae — we only had a few Fruity Pebbles on ours (and some fell off).


Cereal Sundae

You can also get a Pumpkin Pie Hard Float, which is made with Hard Pumpkin Chai Cider, Vanilla Ice Cream, and a Spiced Pie Crust Cookie for $15.50. We went in with low expectations for this drink…


Pumpkin Pie Hard Float

…and were pleasantly surprised. It was really good!

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Hollywood Churro Cart

Our churro-tasting days are far from over. We grabbed the Sour Candy Churro from the Hollywood Churro Cart. This is a Sour Sugar-dusted Churro topped with Sweet Watermelon Icing for $6.75.


Sour Candy Churro

This is another treat we were pleasantly surprised by!

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Pacific Wharf Cafe

We could not WAIT to taste the Chocolate-Espresso Bread Pudding at Pacific Wharf Cafe! It has Crème Anglaise, Whipped Topping, a Gummy Eyeball, and Toasted Pecans for $6.49. If you love chocolate, this is a MUST!


Chocolate-Espresso Bread Pudding

However, ours was missing the gummy eyeball, but we didn’t care because it was so tasty! Still, though… .

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California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Five and Dime

Get yourself a pair of Jack Skellington Pants!


These are GROOVY

The pants are $49.99.

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Elias & Co.

We found some new shirts at Elias & Co. There’s a Hades Feel The Heat Shirt for $36.99


Feel the heat

…a Skeleton Dance Hoodie for $64.99



…a Skeleton Dance Sweatshirt for $54.99



…and a Stitch T-Shirt.



The tee is $24.99.

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Elysian Arcade

We found a Jasmine Tumbler for $24.99…


Princess Jasmine

…a Jack  Skellington Pet T-Shirt for $24.99


Tee for your pet

…and a Hat Box Ghost Pet Costume!


We need this

The pet costume is $39.99.

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Knick’s Knacks

Here’s what’s new at Knick’s Knacks! There’s a Corduroy Coco Shirt for $64.99


Corduroy shirt

… a Coco Friendship Bracelet Kit for $24.99


Love the little guitar case

…a Coco Skull Backpack for $49.99



…a Coco Tie Dye Long Sleeve Shirt for $64.99



…a Coco Tie Dye V-neck Shirt for $36.99


SO colorful

…and a Coco Tote Bag.


Coco Tote!

The tote is $34.99.

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

Here we found a Foolish Mortal Hat for $29.99


That’s us! Foolish Mortals!

…a Jack Skellington T-Shirt for $29.99


3-D’ish Jack

…and a Skeleton Dance Corkscrew.


It’s a corkscrew!

The Corkscrew is $19.99.

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Dress Shop

Those super pricey Vera Wang Minnie Ears are here!


ONLY $600…

They’ll only set you back $600.

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Pin Traders

You want pins? We got ’em! There’s a One Family Frozen Anna and Elsa Pin for $24.99


Anna and Elsa

…a One Family Bing Bong Pin for $24.99


Bing Bong

…a One Family Huey, Louie, and Dewey Pin for $24.99


Donald’s nephews

…a One Family Star Wars Pin for $24.99


Chewbacca and R2-D2

…a One Family Marvel Pin Set for $34.99


Marvel heroes

…a One Family Lilo and Stitch Pin Set for $34.99


The Lilo and Stitch family!

…a One Family Oswald Pin for $24.99



…and a One Family Spider-Man Pin!


Spidey and Aunt May

The Spider-Man pin is $24.99.

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Star Wars Trading Post

There’s a new Jedi Tunic with Belt available here for $39.99, along with…


Jedi tunic

…a Tie Fighter Long Sleeve Shirt for $39.99


Tie Fighter

…an Andor Hoodie for $59.99


Andor Hoodie

…and an Andor Rebel Spy Shirt!


Rebel Spy

This shirt is $36.99.

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Grand Californian Other Updates

The Oogie Boogie Display is out!


Well, well, well, what have we here?

Did you know this entire thing is edible?

See What New CUPCAKES Are Coming Soon to Disney World and Disneyland

If you’re planning on visiting Disneyland for Halloween Time, you will need to know that all dates for the Oogie Boogie Bash are sold out. But you can still enjoy a lot of spooky fun in the parks, hotels, and resorts. Plus as you’ve seen, there are a LOT of delicious Halloween snacks to try, too!

One thing you will need to keep in mind, though — before you book a Disney hotel for your Disneyland trip, be sure to check out your other options. That’s because there are a lot of cheaper hotels in the vicinity, some of which are closer to the parks than the Disney hotels!

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