A Disney Churro That Tastes Like Sour Patch Kids? We Tried It!

It’s spooky season and Disney is celebrating with FOOD!



In Disney World, we’ve seen a ton of fun eats and treats, like a cookie with eyes and a hot dog with purple (!!) mustard. Halloween has also kicked off in Disneyland, where there are over 50 food items available for the holiday. Now, it’s time to come along with us to try out a NEW spooky snack!

This is the NEW Sour Candy Churro from the Hollywood Churro Cart in Disney California Adventure park! It’s a sour sugar-dusted churro topped with sweet watermelon icing for $6.75. So, does this taste like the Halloween sour candy of our dreams or nightmares? Let’s find out!


Here it is!

This treat is definitely more sour than sweet, so if you’re expecting the opposite, beware! The sour sugar and sour watermelon icing make this taste like a Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Churro, according to our reporter.



Sour candy lovers will adore this treat, but if you’re not a fan of sour, or watermelon-flavored, treats, you may want to skip this one. Overall, we enjoyed it, but we aren’t sure if it’s something we’d choose to get a second time.


Look at all that icing!

If you want to try out this churro for yourself, you can get it from now through November 10th.


Grab it if you love sour treats!

For more on Halloween in Disneyland, you check out some of the special merchandise we’ve seen recently, Mickey and Minnie’s new Halloween costumes, or take a look at the pumpkins that are now up in the parks!


Halloween in Disneyland

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