Snack Alert! A BASHFUL Ice Cream Cone is Now Available in Disney World

Another specialty ice cream cone has FINALLY arrived in Disney World, y’all!


Doc Cone at Storybook Treats

Disney has been releasing a ton of treats for its big 50th anniversary celebration, including some specialty ice cream cones themed to the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White! We’ve seen Grumpy, Happy, DopeySneezy, and Doc, and now we finally have one of the two remaining character cones. Come with us to try it out!

This is the new Bashful Cone from Storybook Treats in Magic Kingdom! It’s orange and chocolate soft serve swirled together in a blue cone with a chocolate belt buckle and a chocolate face of Bashful.


Bashful Cone

You can get it for $5.99.


Would you try this?

The combo of orange and chocolate is definitely an acquired taste, and the flavors are super prominent in this treat!


Some strong flavors!

We honestly thought the orange soft serve tasted more like orange Dole Whip. We asked the Cast Members and they told us that it was soft serve, not Dole Whip, though. But, the texture was way more icy than the chocolate soft serve.


Bashful has some bright colors on his cone!

You really have to enjoy the combo of chocolate and orange together to like this treat — it’s a strong duo!


Very vibrant!

It kind of gave us chocolate orange vibes. You know, like the ones wrapped in foil you can get around the holidays? If that’s something you enjoy, you’ll probably like this treat!


For the chocolate and orange fans!

But, if you’re not a fan of the combination, we would skip this cone and opt for something else instead. If you like lemon, you could try the Snow White cone over here!


The Bashful Cone is now at Storybook Treats in Magic Kingdom! This one is chocolate \"🍫\" and orange \"🍊\" ice cream swirled together.

Would you try it?

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) September 1, 2022

All of the Seven Dwarfs cones have different flavor combos. As a refresher, the Grumpy Cone was cranberry vanilla soft serve, the Doc Cone was caramel and chocolate espresso soft serve, the Dopey Cone was Dole whip lime and blueberry soft serve, the Happy Cone was chocolate banana soft serve, and the Sneezy Cone was chocolate and root beer soft serve.

So now, the only cone we haven’t had is the one for Sleepy!


Look at all of them!

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the Sleepy Cone on our next visits to Magic Kingdom, but expect the Bashful Cone to stick around for a little while.

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