Disney’s New Hocus Pocus Cereal Might Make You RUN to Target!

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Its spooky season, folks, and there are SO many ways to celebrate!


We’re ready for spooky season!

Disney World has pumpkins lining the streets and a ton of festivities going on for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Disneyland is about to kick off Oogie Boogie Bash soon, and we’ve see a TON of Halloween merch online. But, if you can’t make it to the Disney parks this season and would rather celebrate in Disney style near home, there are ways to do that, too! In fact, we found a cereal at Target that should give you all the spooky vibes — come along with us to try it out!

This is the Hocus Pocus 2 cereal from Kellogg’s! It’s out for Halloween and to promote the upcoming release of the movie, Hocus Pocus 2 (which will be on Disney+ on September 30th!).


It’s here!

We found the family size at our local target for $4.79.


We found it on an end cap

The flavor is called “Berry Brew” and is limited edition, so you know we had to get it to test it out for ourselves!


We’re ready to test it out

The Sanderson Sisters are on both sides of the box, and they’re in the same style that we’ve seen on other Disney merchandise that we’ve found in the parks, like these drinking glasses.


Same design!

Let’s open this thing up and give it a try!


Let’s taste it!

When we opened up the box, we were immediately smacked in the face with the strong smell of berries. It definitely smells fruity!


It has a strong scent!

The cereal is shaped like little stars and appear to have somewhat of a frosted coating. It’s also in the colors of the Sanderson Sisters’ hair — Orange, Purple, and Yellow.


Halloween bowl not included

There are all these little green specks on the cereal pieces to add to the Halloween vibes!


Check out those shapes!

But, enough about how it looks — we wanna know how it tastes! We tasted it without any milk at first, and it was pretty sweet and sugary, as to be expected from a cereal like this.


The colors sure are fun!

The cereal is super crunchy and has a strong berry flavor. We tasted the pieces individually as well and they all seem to be the same flavor, which is a generic berry.


Do you think you’d like this?

It actually reminded us a bit of Froot Loops cereal!



We poured in some milk next to see if that enhanced or changed the flavor at all, and it actually did! Once the cereal was sitting in the milk for a few seconds, it tasted way less sweet.


We promise there’s milk in there!

In fact, eating it with milk was pretty well balanced and we didn’t feel like this was overly sweet at all.


Add some milk to cut that sugar!

Do note that we did eat this with unsweetened almond milk, so that could’ve contributed to the balance of flavors compared to a regular milk that also has some sugar in it.


Don’t wait too long!

The cereal does lose its crunch kind of quickly though, so we wouldn’t let it hang out in the milk for a long time before you eat it if you want to maintain that texture!


Very tasty

It also didn’t change the color of our milk at all, so if you’re hoping for some delicious berry-flavored milk after you’re done eating the cereal, you might be out of luck.


Don’t wait too long!

Overall, this was surprisingly delicious. We really expected it to just be a big bowl of sugar, but the milk made it way more balanced. Don’t get us wrong, though — it was still sweet! It just wasn’t overwhelming or anything.

If you’re a Hocus Pocus fan and like berry flavors, as well as cereal that’s a bit on the sweeter side, you will probably enjoy this! But, if you’re not one for berry flavors or cereal that is sweet, we’d recommend you skip this one.


We recommend!

And, if you want to try this cereal out for yourself, you can get it over on Target’s website! Check it out right here.

Click here to get this cereal for yourself!

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