The Secret Is Out — Here’s How Disney Controls You With Genie

Even though it will never quite be the same as FastPass, Genie+ is here to stay.


Disney Genie

Disney introduced the new skip-the-line system last year that had many guests confused. On top of new rules and ride policies, it is no longer free to guests — $15 in Disney World and $20 in Disneyland. Since Genie+ is a newer system, it is constantly changing to become the best it can be, and we’ve been keeping you updated on the latest changes (including a new banner that makes its most confusing rule EASIER). But now, a Disney executive has shared how they use Genie to control crowds in the parks.

It is clear that Disney uses Park Pass Reservations to control crowds and attendance in the parks, but did you know they are doing the same thing with Disney Genie?



That’s right. Josh D’Amaro, the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, gave us some insight to how and why Disney controls where we go using Genie. According to The Wall Street Journal, each of the Disney parks has an operation center with a “heat map” which tells operators where Genie+ users are in the parks using the GPS technology. Then, the park operators use this information to direct traffic by notifying guests about the shortest lines and food and merchandise promotions to spread crowds out around the park.



D’Amaro said “If I’m seeing too much activity on the west side, I’m able to spread where I direct people to the east side. Our attractions will be load-balanced better, and lines will be shorter, and what that means is the experience will be better.” This means that the tracking on Genie and Genie+ is meant to help the guest experience by creating shorter lines and less crowds overall.


Crowds in Animal Kingdom

In case you aren’t very familiar with the new system, Genie+ replaced the previous FastPass system in Disney World and Disneyland that was in place before the parks closed due to the global pandemic. Genie+ is a paid system and on top of the rides included with Genie+, you can purchase Lightning Lane passes for some individual rides as well. These prices depend on the time or day.


Lightning Lane

There is also a free version of Genie that helps park guests plan their day. You can tell Disney your interests in the My Disney Experience app and Genie will take that into account when giving you recommendations. It also looks like recommendations will pop-up based on crowds and information park operators are getting behind-the-scenes.



If you’re still confused about Genie, don’t worry! Here are a few guides you can use to help navigate the confusing system:

As we mentioned above, Genie and Genie+ are constantly changing, so stay tuned to DFB for the latest updates.

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