The New Disneyland App Feature You CANNOT Miss!

It’s no secret that we love Disney cast members!


We love them!

We love when cast members give us fun facts, or when we can see them in unique costumes we usually don’t see. But we REALLY love to see them celebrated for how amazing they are! If you’re traveling to Disneyland anytime in the future, giving cast members compliments is now much easier!

Now you can give a Disneyland cast member a compliment right through the Disneyland app! Simply search “cast compliment” in the Disneyland app, and you can choose a positive sentiment from a drop-down menu. Then, put in the cast member’s name and hometown (both found on their nametag) and the date you interacted with the cast member, and there you go! The cast member, along with their leader, will be notified and the cast member will be celebrated.


The PeopleMover may have been closed, but these cast members played Cornhole to pass the time!

If you didn’t catch the cast member’s name tag, that’s okay! Just put in the date of your interaction and what area of the park it happened in. Disney World launched this same feature in their app last October at the start of the 50th Anniversary celebration, and has already received over 360,000 compliments this way!


An example of a cast compliment!

We know sometimes things can go awry on your Disney trip, but it’s always important to remember to be kind and courteous to cast members — we know from experience they’ll always do everything they can to help you. But if you keep up with DFB, we’ll let you know all the changes going on in the parks, and the best ways to make sure your trip is the best it can be!

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