We Found the BEST Mickey-Shaped Dessert in the Most UNEXPECTED Place

If you are obsessed with Mickey-shaped food, get ready to go on an ADVENTURE. Whether it’s waffles, savory snacks, or Mickey premium bars, Mickey-shaped food just tastes better, right?!


Mickey Waffles

You probably know about alllllllll of the Mickey-shaped snacks you can get in the regular spots — like the ones mentioned above or those iconic Mickey-shaped beignetsbut if you’re looking for a seriously EPIC Mickey-shaped snack, you’re going to have to visit a very unexpected spot!

Recently, a member of the DFB team went on an adventure that took them far, far away from the Most Magical Place on Earth and the Happiest Place on Earth. Nope, they weren’t anywhere in the U.S. And they weren’t at an international Disney park either. \"😮\"

Nope, their travels took them to Seoul, South Korea! That’s where they found the most EPIC Disney snack. Allow us to introduce you to a little cafe called Come to Rest (@come.to.rest on Instagram).


Come to Rest

This little spot is located in Hoegi. Walking past it, you might not expect it to have a delicious and surprising Disney dessert inside, but does this spot have some SECRETS!


There Are Disney Treats in Here — It’s Just a SECRET!

If you walk inside, you’ll find an adorable cafe. Again, you’re probably thinking, “okay, I’ll come here and get some coffee, but where’s the Disney?!” Well, hold up just one second, we’re getting to it!


Inside the Cafe

You get a small taste of Disney through some of the vintage Disney posters hanging on the wall.


Okay, These Are Adorable

How fun are these?!


We’re Starting to See the Disney Influence a Bit

But it’s what’s on the menu that’ll really shock you. The menu has different kinds of coffee drinks, non-coffee offerings, and tea. But it’s the desserts we’re after!



Under the “today’s dessert” section, you’ll find an item with a Mickey symbol next to it. Okay, you have our attention!


A Mickey?!

What is this dessert you ask? It’s a Mickey Panna Cotta! It’s described on the menu (roughly translated) as a soft vanilla-flavored Italian milk pudding, and it costs 4500 won. Today that converts to $3.34 U.S. dollars, but that changes daily. Still, a Mickey-shaped snack for under $5? You’ve got our attention!

We (of course) had to grab one, and its design did NOT disappoint.



UMMMMM hello? The dessert police called, they said this snack is so ridiculously adorable it is surely ILLEGAL!


Our Spread

Okay, okay. Let’s just take one more second to admire how absolutely PERFECT this thing is. It was so smooth and the mold used to get that Mickey face shape worked incredibly well. We were astounded!



It was so adorable that we almost (keyword: ALMOST) felt too guilty to eat it. But in the name of science, we had to dig in!


We Had To!

Our DFB team member who tried it shared that they didn’t expect to like it. Oftentimes, snacks that are this cute simply focus too much on presentation and don’t deliver when it comes to flavor and texture. But this did NOT fall into that category. The treat was incredibly soft and creamy and delicious!

That menu description of it being a soft vanilla-flavored Italian milk pudding was pretty accurate! It had a soft vanilla flavor that was sweet, but not overly so.


Sorry, Mickey, We Had To!

The brown syrup included wasn’t really described on the menu, but it was very light and had a sort of maple flavor to it, but it wasn’t super sticky like maple syrup. Instead, it was more watery in terms of the overall texture.

Truly, this dessert was a win for us. It was amazing and just melts in your mouth.



Who would this dessert be perfect for? Well, a lot of people! Our DFB team member shared that they felt like it could be a great fit for everyone from a kid with a sweet tooth to a person who doesn’t love things that are overly sweet. It had just the right balance!

Oh, and these beauties were VERY popular. Just about everyone in the Cafe was grabbing one, so it’s a dish you won’t want to miss out on if you happen to stop by Come to Rest in the future (provided the dish is still available when you go).


All Gone!

Check out our full Instagram video all about this beauty.


Now, we know that South Korea isn’t a place you might be able to get to today or tomorrow, so what can you do in the meantime while you dream of this incredible Mickey-shaped panna cotta? Well, you could attempt to make Mickey-shaped treats at home, of course! You could maybe pick up some Mickey cookie cutters to use on everything from baked goods to sandwiches…



learn how to make your own Mickey-shaped conchas, or check out our step-by-step guide to making Mickey-shaped Linzer cookies!


What It Should Look Like

It might not be exactly the same as enjoying an incredible Mickey panna cotta in South Korea, but it’ll do for now! \"😂\" We’ll keep an eye out for more awesome Disney snacks and let you know what we find. Stay tuned for all the latest Disney news and reviews!

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What do you think about this Mickey snack? Would you make it a must-get if your travels took you to South Korea? Tell us in the comments!

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