Double Trouble! The BEST Halloween Costumes for Couples and Duos

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Halloween festivities are best when shared with someone else, be that your significant other or your bestie!


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, going to a party, or attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, make a statement by matching with your other half.

Cute or scary, low-key or all out, there are plenty of options out there, and we’re sharing some of our favorites!

The Incredibles

This family of superheroes never goes out of style. Take on the role of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible for Halloween (minus the powers)! This is a great costume for families as well — shopDisney also carries costumes for Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack of course!


The Incredibles costumes

The Mrs. Incredible costume comes with a top, pants, skirt, belt, mask, and gloves, and is rubbery and stretchy just like the heroine herself. Mr. Incredible’s look is made up of a top, pants, mask, and gloves. The top comes with some extra muscle padding to really show off your super strength! And of course, as per Edna Mode’s instructions, NO CAPES!

Click here to buy the Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible costume!

Pirate Costumes

Set sail for Halloween as a pair of swashbuckling pirates! Dress up as your favorite characters, such as Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook. Or, create your own scallywag with one of these pirate costumes!


Caribbean Pirate Costume

You’ll look just like you arrived from a long journey on your ship with this costume. The jacket, vest, shirt, pants, belt, hat, and boot covers all come together to give you an authentic pirate look. Throw on some leather boots and grab your sword, because the seas are calling! In fact, these costumes would be great for Disney Cruise Line Pirate Nights, as well!

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Blackbeard Costume

Dress up as one of the most feared pirates with this Blackbeard costume. This ensemble and the accompanying accessories might just put you in the mood to finally embark on a treasure hunt. Put this on and everyone will be shivering in their boots when you walk by!

Click here to buy the Blackbeard Costume!

Anna and Elsa

Celebrate your sisterly love by dressing up as Anna and Elsa of Arendelle. Whether you coordinate with your sibling or want to match with a friend who feels like family, we can’t think of a better pair than these two. Even despite their ups and downs, these two have stuck by each other’s sides no matter what!


Frozen 2 Elsa Costume

Both of these costumes are from Frozen 2, and each costume is gorgeously detailed. Elsa’s icy outfit is probably her best look, with the white on the dress fading into a watery blue and ice crystals glittering on the bodice and hem. The sheer cape will billow behind you as you run off into the unknown!

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Frozen 2 Anna Costume

Feel like you just stepped into Arendelle castle with Anna’s queen ensemble, which features a gown in her signature teal and a detachable royal purple cape. shopDisney also carries Anna and Elsa wigs to finish off your look. With these costumes you might get mistaken for the real deal!

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This one is a Halloween classic! You and your partner will be out for blood with these gothic costumes. If you prefer Dracula and Lestat as opposed to Edward or Damon Salvatore, these are the perfect vampire costumes for you. Spirit Halloween has both masculine and feminine vampire costumes with several different options, so there’s something for everyone!


Victorian Vampire Costume

Step back into the 1800s with the Victorian Vampiress Costume. The combination of black lace and deep red velvet gives an air of seduction, but don’t get too close! She’s on the hunt, and no one knows who will be her next victim. This costume comes with everything you need to look the part- besides the gorgeous dress you’ll receive the headband, choker, gloves, waist cincher, and tights. Pair with your favorite boots and an evil glare and you’re ready to take on the night!

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Victorian Vampire Costume

The Victorian Vampire may look like your average upper class gentleman, but don’t be fooled. Beneath that top hat and cloak lurks a deadly being! The double-layered cloak is really the star of this ensemble. It’s covered in a deep red damask flock and features a sinister collar that looks like bat wings. The vest, shirt, and trousers complete the suit, plus this costume also comes with the top hat and cane, so you can stroll the streets of London without arousing any suspicion!

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Hundred Acre Wood

Avoid spending the night in an uncomfortable costume with these Winnie the Pooh costumes that are both cute AND cozy!  These are so easy to throw on, plus everyone else will be jealous of how content and snuggly you are. There’s no need to say “oh bother” when you’re rocking one of these adorable costumes with your friend or spouse!


Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

You can find costumes for most of the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood, but for you and your bestie, you can stick with that classic friendship: Pooh Bear and Piglet! There just really is no bond like theirs. Each costume comes with a soft onesie and a super adorable hat with Velcro fastening at the chin. Go for a pair of shoes that match your onesie and your costume is complete!

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We hope you and your costume twin have double the fun!

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Which of these costumes would you and your partner rock? Let us know in the comments!

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