Cherry Limeade and Egg Creams Are Now On the Menu at Disney World! Try Them With Us!

There’s a lot going on at Disney’s BoardWalk right now! The BoardWalk Bakery was recently transformed into the BoardWalk Deli, which just opened up with new breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu items. The ESPN Club shut down and is going to reopen sometime this year as The Cake Bake Shop. But that’s not all!



Disney recently announced 3 new soda shop-style drinks that are coming to the BoardWalk, and you know we had to head over there to try them all out. Come with us to find out if you should get one (or more!) of these drinks on your next Disney World trip.

All of the new drinks can be found at Boardwalk Ice Cream, which is known for sweet treats like ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. Keep in mind that this spot doesn’t open until 3PM, but it stays open late (until 11PM). All of the drinks we tried today are non-alcoholic, so kids and adults alike can enjoy them.


BoardWalk Ice Cream

The first of these new drinks is a Cherry Limeade. It’s made with Amarena Cherry, Cold-pressed Lime Juice, and Sparkling Water. You can get it for $4.99. We’re big fans of a classic cherry limeade, and this one is fantastic! The lime isn’t super strong, although you still get a tart flavor to offset the sweetness from the cherry.


Cherry Limeade

We thought the cherry tasted pretty natural — not too many artificial flavors here. This is a great summer drink if you want a sweet and refreshing way to cool off, although anyone who doesn’t like cherries should avoid this as that’s definitely the dominant flavor.


Sweet and refreshing

Next up is the Tropical Orange Seltzer, which also costs $4.99. This is made with Orange and Pineapple Juices in Sparkling Water. This was another win in our books! It’s fruity, refreshing, and tastes just like summer.


Tropical Seltzer

As you can imagine, this drink is pretty sweet with all the fruit juice. If you enjoy tropical drinks and especially bubbly ones, this is perfect for you. We also thought that kids would enjoy this one as it has simple flavors that aren’t quite as strong as the Cherry Limeade.


Very sweet!

The last of the new drinks is the Egg Cream. We’re VERY curious about how Disney is going to tackle one of the quintessential deli drinks! It’s made with Chocolate Flavor, Milk, and Sparkling Water. You can get it for $5.29.


Egg Cream

OK, we’ve tried it. Now we’re gonna judge it. There’s definitely a strong chocolate flavor. In fact, it tastes just like chocolate milk but with lots of bubbles.



Now, an Egg Cream drink isn’t a new concept at all. In fact, it’s about as vintage as it gets! So if you’ve enjoyed these drinks in the past, we think you’ll like this one too. But if you aren’t familiar with the flavors or if you’re a picky eater, you should probably skip this one. The seltzer combined with the creaminess of the milk can be an acquired taste!


Maybe a win?

Overall, we thought the first two drinks — the Cherry Limeade and Tropical Seltzer — are great summer drinks to sip as you walk around the BoardWalk. Kids and adults alike will probably enjoy these! That Egg Cream drink is a little more niche, but if you want those true vintage BoardWalk vibes, then it might be a must-try.

If you’re heading to the BoardWalk soon, be sure to check out the new BoardWalk Deli as well! There are bagels, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches in the morning, and you’ll find a selection of deli sandwiches and treats there in the afternoon and evening. This spot is open from 7AM to 10PM.


BoardWalk Deli Eats

If a deli isn’t really your thing, never fear — there are a LOT of dining options on the BoardWalk. You can check out themed drinks and snacks at the AbracadaBar, grab a quick slice at the Pizza Window, have a sit-down dinner of Italian cuisine at Trattoria al Forno, or find a treat at BoardWalk Ice Cream.


Disney’s BoardWalk

We’ll continue to watch for more food updates in Disney World, so stay tuned to DFB for all the latest updates!

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