What’s New at Magic Kingdom: 7 (!!) Halloween Treats!

Whew — there’s certainly been a lot of new updates in Disney World recently, hasn’t there?


Magic Kingdom

With the reopening of offerings like the Harmony Barber Shop, plus the return of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and even the return of popular behind-the-scenes tours at EPCOT, a lot is going on! Today, we’re heading to Magic Kingdom so we can bring you any and all updates you need before your next trip — let’s go!

Magic Kingdom Food Updates

There are a lot of new food offerings in Magic Kingdom for the fall season! Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far.

Main Street Bakery

Over at the Main Street Bakery, we tried the Oh, My Gourd Cupcake! 


Oh, My Gourd Cupcake

This treat is a pumpkin spice cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese icing finished with dark chocolate ears. It is $6.29, and overall it was pretty decent, but be warned that it WILL stain your hands orange.

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Cheshire Cafe

Here, we tried the Binx Pastry Cat Tail which is a cat tail drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with Binx chocolate piece for $5.79.


Binx Paw!

So the most obvious observation here is that this is very clearly not a cat tail, but rather a cat paw — which makes sense given that the Cheshire Cat Tail that is usually available here is also now a Cheshire Cat Paw (note that the Cheshire Cat Paw is not currently offered here, and you are only able to get the Binx Cat Tail during the Halloween season). Aside from the obvious difference in shape, this was an okay treat. When we tried it, it didn’t seem very fresh, so your experience may vary depending on how recently the pastry was made.

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Also at the Cheshire Cafe is the Cold Witches Brew Coffee. This drink is French Vanilla Cold Brew with pumpkin-spiced foam and topped with Halloween Sprinkles and is $5.29.


Cold Witches Brew Coffee

We REALLY enjoyed this coffee, especially the pumpkin-spiced foam on top! 

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Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner has some new items for the Halloween season including the Pain and Panic Hot Dog, which is an all-beef hot dog, topped with sweet and spicy onion relish, sriracha mustard, and spicy cheese-flavored snacks. 


Pain and Panic Hot Dog

This hot dog has Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on it and honestly, it worked. You can try this hot dog for yourself for $11.99.

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Also at Casey’s Corner is the new Winifred’s Elixir of Youth drink. It’s a Black Tea Slushy topped with Kiwi Foam and a Winifred Chocolate Piece for $6.49.


Winifred’s Elixir of Youth

We really enjoyed this drink and thought the flavors all mixed really well together, but beware: it will turn your teeth and tongue black! 

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Main Street Confectionery

Over at the Main Street Confectionery, we had the Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treat for $5.49.


Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treat

This is just a normal Rice Crispy Treat dyed orange with some fun details on it, but we liked it!

Big Top Treats

And the final new food item was the Minnie Spider Shortbread Cookie from Big Top Treats!


Minnie Spider Shortbread Cookie

This cookie was a little simpler, and a bit dry, but we did enjoy the icing! You can grab this treat for $5.49.

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Magic Kingdom Construction Updates

Merchant of Venus

The Merchant of Venus has finally reopened in Magic Kingdom, but not as a gift shop!


Plenty of seating!

It is now open as a seating area with tables and chairs for guests to come in and take a load off in some AC.

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New Photo Ops

There’s also a new Hocus Pocus photo op in Liberty Square.


Hocus Pocus Photo Op

It is made to look like Salem, where the movie takes place, and has made an appearance due to the upcoming release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+.

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There’s also a new Halloween/50th Anniversary photo op over by Tomorrowland, as well.


Another Halloween photo op!

It has some gravestones on it, including one for Washington Irving, which is the author of the The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which, of course, inspired the Disney movie of the same name.

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Magic Kingdom Merchandise Updates


One of the biggest merchandise updates is, of course, all of the new Halloween merch! Let’s take a look at a few things we saw. First, we saw this shirt for $36.99 that says “My Spooky Place.”


My Spooky Place

There are also some kids shirts like this Nightmare Before Christmas shirt for $29.99…


Nightmare Before Christmas shirt

…and this Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Spice shirt for $19.99.


Pumpkin Spice

Need a new hat? You can get this Minnie Mouse Halloween Hat for $24.99!


Minnie Halloween Hat

There are also two new pin sets. First is this Halloween Donald Duck pin set for $17.99…


Donald Duck Pin Set

…and you can also get this set of five pins with different Disney characters all with the word “Nope” underneath them. This set is also $17.99.


Nope pin set

We also spotted this new Haunted Mansion Alex and Ani bracelet! It was $49.99 and has a charm with The Bride from the Haunted Mansion on it.


Haunted Mansion Alex and Ani bracelet

Need a new pair of Crocs? Check out the new Halloween Crocs you can get at Disney World! They are black Crocs with a Disney Halloween pattern and even a couple of Halloween jibbitz!


SO cute!

A pair of the Halloween Crocs will set you back $59.99.

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If you’re a collector of Disney nuiMOs, then head to the Emporium because right now, you can get some nuiMOs accessories on sale! If you buy three nuiMOs outfits and accessories, then you can get them for $10 each.


nuiMOs sale!

What about other plushes? The Emporium also has some new Cuddleez, which are plushes that are flatter and therefore easier to cuddle. You can get two from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a Jack Skellington plush…


Jack Skellington Cuddleez

…or a Sally plush! Both are $39.99.


Sally plush

Also at the Emporium, you can get the Up spirit jersey! We’ve also seen this spirit jersey at World of Disney in Disney Springs and online.


‘Up’ spirit jersey

The Emporium is also where you’ll find the 2023 Walt Disney World calendar.


2023 Walt Disney World Calendar

It’s a 16-month calendar, and each month has a picture from Disney World. The calendar is $16.99.

Crystal Arts

Over at Crystal Arts, we spotted some new tiaras! There’s a Cinderella Castle tiara…


Castle Tiara

…a Princess Jasmine tiara…


Jasmine Tiara

…a Princess Belle Tiara…


Belle Tiara

…and a Mickey Mouse Tiara. The jewels on the Mickey Mouse Tiara can be swapped out for $12 per jewel. Each of the tiaras will set you back $65.


Mickey Mouse Tiara

Also at Crystal Arts are some decorative pumpkins! You can get a purple one…


Purple pumpkin

…or a green one!


Green pumpkin

The pumpkins are $75 each.

Uptown Jewelers

Over at Uptown Jewelers, the new Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke collection has finally arrived! There are three bags in the collection. You can get the satchel bag for $298…


Haunted Mansion Satchel

…the tote bag for $268…


Haunted Mansion Tote

…and the wristlet wallet for $148.


Wristlet Wallet

Also at Upton Jewelers, we spotted this Haunted Mansion Dress!


Haunted Mansion Dress

The dress has bats and images of Madame Leota all over it. It is $128.

Frontier Trading Post

Over at Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland, we saw this Moana Magnet. It has Moana on it and says “Island Adventure.” The magnet is $14.99.


Moana Magnet

We also saw some new Funk Pops! The first is the Buzz Lightyear Funko. It shows Buzz wearing his full space suit from the movie Lightyear.


Buzz Lightyear Funko

The other Funko Pop we saw was Izzy Hawthorne, who is also a character in Lightyear.


Izzy Hawthorne Funk Pop

Both Funko Pops were priced at $15.49.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori is the Haunted Mansion gift shop in Liberty Square. Here, we saw some Haunted Mansion pajamas! You can get the Haunted Mansion Pajama Set with shorts for $49.99.


Haunted Mansion Pajama Set

If you’re interested in just the Haunted Mansion pajama pants, you can get those for $39.99.


Haunted Mansion Pajama Pants

The pajamas are striped and made to look like the outfits the maids and butlers wear at the Haunted Mansion itself.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

Speaking of Haunted Mansion, at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, we saw this Hatbox Ghost ornament.


Hatbox Ghost ornament

The ornament lights up and is $26.99.

Star Traders

Star Traders is where we found the Mickey Premium Bar Crocs! They are $54.99.


Aren’t these just the cutest?

Looking for a new pin? Star Traders has this Minnie Mouse, Fifi, and Figaro pin for $12.99.


Minnie Mouse pin

Fifi and Figaro are Minnie Mouse’s pets.

Bonjour Gifts

At Bonjour Gifts in Fantasyland, we saw this Iago Light-Up Figure.


Iago figure

It’s $80 and is a figure of Iago sitting on top of Jafar’s serpent staff.

Plaza Del Sol

Plaza Del Sol is the gift shop located at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Here, we saw two new hats! The first hat is red and says “Captain of a Mangy Crew.” It is $29.99.


Captain of a Mangy Crew

The other hat is black and says “It’s all fun and games until someone needs an eyepatch.”


It’s All Fun and Games…

This hat is $24.99.

Hundred Acre Goods

Located at the end of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is Hundred Acre Goods, which is where we spotted this Alice in Wonderland outfit for babies.


Alice in Wonderland outfit

This outfit is $34.99.

Main Street Fire Station

Now, this isn’t ordinarily a merchandise location, but the Main Street Fire Station does have a pressed penny machine, and we noticed a new penny option here recently! You can now get a 50th Anniversary Partners Statue pressed penny at the Main Street Fire Station.


Main Street Fire Station Pressed Penny

The souvenir coin is $1 and the penny is provided!

And that’s what’s new at Magic Kingdom! There are a lot of exciting things happening all over Disney World. The remaining four booths have finally opened a the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, the BoardWalk Deli opened at Disney’s BoardWalk, and more!


Food and Wine Festival

We’re always on the lookout for more news in Disney World, so make sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest!

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