Full Review of the LUNCH Menu at the New BoardWalk Deli in Disney World

Sometimes new and flashy isn’t necessary. You might not always want to eat food that numbs your mouth or pushes your flavor boundaries in Disney World. When you’re looking for a solid, tasty sandwich, we know just the place to go.


BoardWalk Deli

The NEW BoardWalk Deli is officially OPEN! This spot has officially replaced the BoardWalk Bakery and is now offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ve already shared a full review of breakfast, which you can see here. But now we’re diving into lunch (which features the same menu as dinner) to share our thoughts. What are you waiting for? Let’s GO!


The BoardWalk Deli is located on Disney’s BoardWalk, near the BoardWalk Inn and Villas, and just a few steps away from EPCOT.

On the outside, you’ll see the new BoardWalk Deli sign, which looks very similar to the Bakery one that used to be here.


BoardWalk Deli

The outside features colorful signs…


So Fun!

…and fun little details to look for. Read the name of the proprietor out loud to see if you get the joke. \"😉\"


BoardWalk Deli

There are also signs on the outside noting that the Deli Fountain is a resort mug refill station, and plenty of bakery puns (they’re rolling in dough).


BoardWalk Deli details

On the inside, you’ll find a line to stand in to wait for your order.


Get in Line!

But note that you can use mobile order and head instead to the mobile order pick-up area.


Pick Up Area

Once inside the restaurant, you’ll see cases displaying the food items available.


What Will You Get?

There are a variety of sandwiches to pick from for lunch (more on the menu later)…


Sandwich Options

…along with lots of pastries…



…and some more dessert options.


Sweet Treats!

After you order and pick up your food, you can also stop to get napkins and condiments…


Grab What You Need

…or get a drink.


Drink Station

Now, let’s get to the full menu.


The lunch menu here is made up of sandwiches, including a Pastrami Reuben, Grilled Cheese with Tomato-Basil Soup, and a Veggie Crunch Muffaletta. There are also sides available including coleslaw and house-made potato chips.



You can also pick up some salads, or simpler sandwiches from the kids’ menu.


Salads + Kids Menu

You can also stop by the cases to pick up a variety of bakery and dessert items.



There are also some drinks available, including some with alcohol.



The menu also lists some allergy-friendly options, so be sure to look for those if you do have specific allergy needs. Alright, now let’s get into the food we ordered!


First up, we have the Grilled Cheese with Tomato-Basil Soup, which is priced at $9.99. The sandwich is made with Provolone and Cheddar on Multigrain. 

For those who loved grabbing a grilled cheese at BoardWalk Bakery before, this will be a highlight. But note that it’s not the same as it was before, particularly because it features multigrain bread and overall has changed in terms of ingredients.


Grilled Cheese Time

The grilled cheese was very good! We enjoyed that it was not just one cheese, but instead featured a combo of 2 kinds of cheese together.


A Side View

The cheese amount was just right — not too much, and not too little!


Just Right!

But it’s not a true grilled cheese experience without something to dip it in, right?! The Tomato-Basil soup (which you can get as a side on its own by the way), was also really tasty! We’d say it’s pretty comparable to that tomato-basil soup over at Woody’s Lunch Box in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This combo from BoardWalk Deli actually ended up being one of our reporter’s FAVORITE dishes of the day!


Dunk Away!

Next, we had the Chicken Salad Wrap, which is $10.99. This is made with Rotisserie Chicken, Grapes, Walnuts, and Mayonnaise in a Spinach Wrap, served with your choice of Side. We’ll get to the sides in a minute — for now, we’ll focus on the wrap itself.


The Wrap

This was actually REALLY good! Our reporter who tried it fully admitted that they’re not normally a chicken salad fan, but even this one won them over. It was light on the mayo, but heavy on the rotisserie chicken — making it more filling in that way.

We think it could probably use some more grapes though, as it was lacking in that sweetness department.


Our Wrap

But there were plenty of walnuts in there that added a nice crunch! Just be warned, if you don’t like walnuts or don’t like a lot of crunch in your chicken salad, you might find that there are just too many walnuts in there for you.


Wrap Time!

Ready to dive into the Roasted Chicken Sandwich? We were, and it’s something we’d happily dive into again. This sandwich is priced at $10.49 and features Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, and Roasted Garlic Aïoli on Ciabatta, served with your choice of Side.


Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Out of allll the dishes we tried (and we tried a LOT), this was one DFB reporter’s second favorite behind the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Overall, it had just the right amount of rotisserie chicken. They didn’t skimp on that, which we really appreciated.


Hello Beautiful

There was also a good amount of mayonnaise, but not too much (a.k.a. you did NOT feel like you were eating a mayonnaise sandwich with a side of chicken \"😂\" ).

Partner all of that with deliciously fresh lettuce and good bread and you’ve got a solid sandwich. Are they reinventing the sandwich wheel and giving you something you can’t get anywhere else? Not really. But it’s still a very tasty option!


A True Winner

Then it was time for a classic sandwich you may have had many times at many other places — the Italian Sub. This is priced at $11.49 and features Capicola, Soppressata, Pepperoni, Provolone, Arugula, Tomato, Arugula Pesto, and Mayonnaise on Ciabatta, served with your choice of Side.


Italian Sub Time

Again, Disney did NOT skimp on the meat here, which was great! We really enjoyed each of the different meat options included in the sandwich. They all provided a great flavor to the sandwich as a whole.

It is very much your traditional Italian sub, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if an Italian sub is just what you’re craving.



There was a pretty good amount of pesto on the sandwich, but we would have preferred a touch more.

Overall, it was another solid sandwich. Fresh bread with a lovely crunch, a good amount of meat, great cheese, and tasty pesto — what’s not to love?


There’s a lot to Enjoy

Rounding up the meat-focused sandwiches, we have the Warm Pastrami Reuben. This is the most expensive sandwich at $12.99. It features Sauerkraut, Swiss, and Thousand Island Dressing on Marble Rye, served with your choice of Side.


The Sandwich

This is a sandwich you might love…or you might hate. Our reporter who tried it does not like sauerkraut and finds it too bitter, so it was easily their least favorite of the bunch. But if you love sauerkraut, then this might be a total win for you.


Yay or Nay?

The bread was wonderful, and the pastrami was delicious and well cooked. It was really the sauerkraut that made this a not-so-great option for our reporter.

But if you love pastrami and sauerkraut, this is probably a solid option to pick up as a quick lunch.


It All Depends!

While there, we also grabbed the Veggie Crunch Muffuletta sandwich, which is priced at $10.49. This is a plant-based dish made with Cured and Pickled Root Vegetables, “Cheese”, and Olive-Vegetable Tapenade on Focaccia, served with your choice of Side.



The veggies reportedly come from a farm in Ohio called The Chef’s Garden. From what we understand, the farm was originally focused on more traditional farming, but they later started reaching out to chefs around the country to find out what they would be interested in purchasing for their restaurants. Ultimately, The Chef’s Table ended up being a farm with the mission of growing the hard-to-find specialty produce that American chefs were requesting.

The veggies in the sandwich, while very tasty, are not fresh. Instead, they are cured or pickled in various ways. The overwhelming flavor was of pickled vegetables, which our reporter really enjoyed. But if you’re not a fan of that pickled vegetable flavor, this would be something to avoid.


Would You Try This?

Just like with the other sandwiches, the bread was delicious. It was very thick, fluffy, and chewy — YUM, YUM, YUM!

There was vegan cheese on this sandwich too, which can be a bit offputting sometimes (even for those who might eat a vegan diet). But we were actually really surprised and impressed by this cheese. It was quite good!


A Good Pick!

Now, let’s get to the sides. We tried coleslaw and house-made chips.

The chips were BIG, suuuuuuuper crispy, and perfectly salty. And they were splashed with a little bit of vinegar. They didn’t have the intensity of a store-bought salt and vinegar chip, but instead just had a touch of that vinegar flavor.



Umm…yeah, someone hand us a whole bowl of these, please! One of our reporters actually declared these their FAVORITE house-made chips in all of Disney World. 


We’ll Take MORE!

The coleslaw was pretty good. It tastes like any other coleslaw you might have had. It does have a certain freshness and sharpness to it that makes it evident that it was made in-house, but at least for us, it could have used a bit more salt and pepper.

It wasn’t bad by any means, but also wasn’t anything you’ll be raving about.



That’s a look at what we got, but keep in mind that the menu also features salads…






…and lots of pastries and sweets.


Pastry Options

So you can add more things to your meal.

Nosh or Not

Head on over to BoardWalk Deli if…

  • You LOVE a good sandwich — Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good sandwich or sub on some tasty bread. It can fill you up, but still leave you feeling a bit lighter than some of the heavier meals around Disney World. If it’s a good sandwich you’re after, this has some solid options.
  • You want a quick meal — This is a counter service spot, so you’ll just pick up your food and sit at an available table to eat. You could grab your food and walk along the BoardWalk, sit down on a bench and eat while people watching, or even take it back to your hotel. That adds a nice level of convenience.
  • You want a relatively cheap meal — The most expensive sandwich on the menu comes in at $12.99 and it comes with a side. You could also go for a cheaper option and grab the grilled cheese and soup for $9.99. Overall, the prices here are much more friendly than what you’d see at, say, a table service restaurant or even some other counter service spots.

Our Spread

Skip the BoardWalk Deli if…

  • You’re looking for some really unique food you can’t get anywhere else — While this has some fun and tasty options, and some of the options (like that plant-based muffuletta) are a bit more on the unique side, many of the offerings are pretty standard in terms of the ingredients they feature and how they’ve been combined.
  • You’re looking for a longer, more relaxing meal with lots of indoor seating — This is a counter service spot, which means you’ll just grab your food and go. And seating is essentially all outside. So if you’re looking to sit down indoors, take your time, and really relax with a long, extended meal, this isn’t the spot to go to.
  • You’ve got picky eaters in the bunch — While many of the offerings are pretty standard (chicken sandwiches, etc.) there aren’t too many things on the menu. And the kids’ meal options are limited to a ham and cheese sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich. If you’ve got someone who needs chicken tenders or simply isn’t a sandwich eater, this might not fit your needs.


Overall, BoardWalk Deli is a pretty solid addition to the BoardWalk area. If you want a quick meal after a day at EPCOT, are craving a sandwich, or even just want to stop by for a snack and cupcake, it provides all that in one convenient, quick-service restaurant.


It’s Got It All

In many ways, it still serves the same essential functions of having baked goods and sandwiches as the BoardWalk Bakery did. But it comes with the added bonus of some NEW sweet treats and sandwich offerings, house-made chips, pickles, and breads, and other more unique offerings.

Is it the BEST food you’ll eat in all of Disney World? Is it the most UNIQUE food you’ll get on property? Maybe not. But sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you just need a tasty sandwich, fresh bread, and some awesome chips. And for that, BoardWalk Deli does the job well.


Would You Stop By?

We’re excited to see what other dishes will hit the BoardWalk Deli in the future. Stay tuned for more Disney news and reviews.

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