Something Important Was LACKING in Disney’s Mac & Cheese Hot Dog

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Craftsman Grill

You can eat an alien at Magic Kingdom, put some perfume on your ice cream in Disney Springs, or eat your straw in Disneyland. And speaking of Disneyland, one Disneyland Resort hotel continuously offers a “Hot Dog of the Month.” We stopped by Craftsman Bar & Grill at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, but this month’s offering was MISSING something important.

Inside Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, guests can currently snag the Mac & Cheese Dog with a side of Fries from Craftsman Bar & Grill. It comes in at the hefty price of $13 (though it does come with fries).

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Mac & Cheese dog in the Disney parks, or even over at Disneyland. But we had to give this one a try to see whether it could deliver on that mac and cheese flavor.



Picture this: a beef Hot Dog, smothered in Mac & Cheese, and dusted with Bacon crumbles and Scallions. Sounds YUM, right?! Of course, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t dig into this Hot Dog…so we gave it a try. 


Could’ve Used Some More Cheese

This hot dog was pretty good, but we feel like it could have been BETTER. Overall, it felt like it was lacking in one department…the CHEESE. The mac & cheese itself just wasn’t very cheesy (ironically). Without a whole BUNCH of cheese, it can kinda just taste like macaroni was placed on top, which isn’t all that great.

We enjoyed the bacon crumbles though, as that flavoring really made up for the lack of cheese. The scallions didn’t really do much for this treat, but they gave the snack some crunch, which was nice.


Entire Meal

Basically, if you’re looking for a reaaallllly cheesy Hot Dog, this might not be the snack for you. It was good, but we just think it could be much better with a stronger cheese flavor.

Keep in mind, this cheesy issue may have just been an issue on our hot dog — your snack could be different! Oh, and speaking of dogs, check out the Breakfast Corn Dog over in Disney California Adventure. Or check out all the news about the return of a popular drink in Disneyland!


Breakfast Sausage and Egg Corn Dog

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