Disney World Picked Some DIVISIVE Flavors for This Exclusive New Milkshake

\"🎶\"”Boys and girls of every age… Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see…” tons of treats from Halloween.\"🎶\"


Reusable candy bags at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

The 2022 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom is in full swing, and we’ve been watching all of the shows, scoping out all of the shops, and yes, eating all of the treats!

Our sweet tooth is still going strong from snacks like the Sweet Corn Soft Serve, the Cold Witches’ Brew Coffee, and the Binx Pastry Tail!! But inspired by the headless horseman, we’re going to head over to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments to check out our next treat.  (Get it? Because the headless horseman is from the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Oh yeah, you knew that… our readers are the BEST!)


Sleepy Hollow

We’re heading here to pick up the Grave Digger Milk Shake. This shake is a coconut and matcha blended soft-serve topped with whipped cream, Grave Digger shovel, and chocolate gravestone. This is one of those exclusive snacks you can only grab during the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Party exclusive treat, so plan accordingly. This treat may stir up some mixed opinions since it combines the creamy sweetness of coconut (which can sometimes come across tasting like sunscreen, if it’s the artificial stuff) and the complex flavor profile of matcha which has mellow grassy notes, natural sweet nuttiness, a touch of bitterness with a pleasant savory ending. You might love or hate this shake, so let’s see how it holds up!


Sleepy Hollow Menu

We had a coconut hater try this, and surprisingly, they really loved it! The coconut isn’t very strong, coming across more as vanilla with a touch of matcha. The purple foam on top is just dyed whipped cream, and it had a slightly bitter taste.


Grave Digger Milkshake

It was a pretty heavy shake and might not be the best on an overly hot day, but we definitely liked it more than we expected. Those who really despise coconut or matcha might want to steer clear, though.

However, we will admit that this shake isn’t the prettiest thing out there, with the green color and the whipped cream kinda just glopped on the top. Maybe not the most photogenic thing we’ll try all night. \"😂\"


Grave Digger Milkshake

If this sounds like something you’d love, make sure to stop by Sleepy Hollow during the party and pick one up for $7.99.

We’ve got more snacks to try tonight, so stay tuned for all our thoughts on the many treats this year. We’ll make sure to share all the details and honest reviews! Keep following DFB for all of the latest reviews of Halloween snacks, and don’t forget to check back for a full review of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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Halloween at Walt Disney World

Are you planning to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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