A Hades Hot Dog Topped With Violet Mustard?! Try It Out With Us in Disney World

Welcome Foolish Mortals to another Disney Food Blog review! Sadly, this one isn’t a Haunted Mansion food review. But it is spooky!


Halloween is HERE!

As you have probably seen, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has officially kicked off in Disney World! We’re not only reporting LIVE from the event, but we are also reviewing all of the new Not-So-Scary and Halloween-themed eats. Now, we hope you’re ready because this next eat is pretty villainous.

We have seen a Hades Hot Dog in Magic Kingdom before and we are happy to tell all our Hades fans out there that it’s back. BUT pretty much the name and the hot dog base are all that has remained the same. This new version of the Hades Hot Dog can be found at The Friar’s Nook and is only available during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.


Menu pic

It’s a spicy beef and pork hot dog with Hades’ relish and pickles. And it’s topped with house-made violet mustard. That’s honestly the part that intrigued us the most. Violet mustard?! Could be amazing. Could be a total bust. Soooo you know we had to check it out for ourselves!


It’s very interesting!

First of all, this beef is SPICY. It was definitely spicier than we anticipated (even as lovers of spicy food). The relish is good, but it’s pretty basic. There wasn’t really a whole lot of mustard on our dog, so those who are mustard fans will probably be a tad disappointed. Also, it’s just regular mustard dyed violet, not violet-flavored mustard. If you’re wanting a snack that’s more substantial and has a little kick, this might be a good choice. It comes with some tots on the side.


A good choice for a quick bite.

If you are hoping to see all of our Not-So-Scary food reviews in one place, we have you covered! We have gathered all of them here for you to enjoy!

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Halloween at Walt Disney World

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