We’re Live at the FIRST Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party for 2022 — Come With Us!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Spooky Season!!

Yes, it might only be mid-August, but Disney World is ready to celebrate Halloween. We’ve seen spooky decorations, merchandise, and fun food already, but now it’s time for the main event…Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! The party hasn’t happened since 2019, so follow along with us as we check out OPENING NIGHT of the returned after hours event! \"🎃\"

First, a little background — Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a separately ticketed event that happens on select nights in Magic Kingdom from now through Halloween. It takes place after the park closes to regular guests for the day and requires you to buy a separate ticket to attend. You don’t have to have a regular ticket for the day (your ticket to the party will get you into the park) or a Park Pass Reservation and you can get into Magic Kingdom 3 hours before the party starts! The parties officially start at 7PM, so you can get in at 4PM!


HALLOWEEN is here!

Tickets start at $109 and go up to $179, depending on the date you choose to buy tickets for. You can take a look at all of the dates and pricing right here! There’s a lot of things returning to the party this year and some new stuff, so let’s get into it!

Click here to see all of the DATES and PRICING for the Halloween Party

Getting Started

Like we said before, if you have a ticket to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, you can get into Magic Kingdom starting at 4PM on the day of the party without having any other kind of park ticket or a Park Pass Reservation.


People are arriving!

Once you scan into the park, you will be given a wristband by a Cast Member. The Cast Members have on their special Halloween attire!


Cast Member giving us our wristband!

You need this wristband so Cast Members know you’re there for the party and can stay in the park once it closes to regular guests.


A closer look

If you’re already in Magic Kingdom for the day (as in, you had a separate park ticket for the day), you can pick up your wristband at different spots around the park, like this one in Tomorrowland!


Pick it up right here!

Make sure you keep your wristband on throughout the night!


When we arrived right before 4PM, there were already a good amount of people waiting to get inside the park!



Everyone is obviously eager to experience the party for the first time since 2019!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party crowds are arriving!! pic.twitter.com/FbPinuIzkV

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) August 12, 2022


Inside the park, the crowds weren’t TOO bad, but keep in mind this also includes regular day guests.


Day crowds

However, there are a LOT of people over near the Emporium.


Lots of peeps!

There’s a VERY big line to get inside the store to shop for party merchandise!



Wowza — just look at that line!

Merchandise line for MNSSHP! #WaltDisneyWorld #MNSSHP pic.twitter.com/TVNg8JHFuk

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) August 12, 2022


And, inside the store, it’s also very crowded (everyone’s trying to get their hands on that exclusive merch!).


Super crowded in here

There is also already a big line to take a picture at the front of Main Street, U.S.A. where the pumpkins are.


Gotta get a pic with this pumpkins!

This line could possibly get shorter once the party starts and regular guests aren’t in the park anymore!


A look at the line

We’ll keep updating with a look at the crowds as the night goes on!

The Map

When you get inside the park for the party, you can find party maps with a TON of important info for the night!


Not So Scary Map

This map will show you a map of the park (duh) along with which attractions are open, entertainment info, treat spots, and more.


A look inside the map

The other side of the map has useful info as well, like the specialty treats available, along with a COVID-19 warning.


Other side of the map

Now, let’s go check out what else is happening!

Click here to see more on the party map!


The fun thing about this Halloween party? Everyone is allowed to wear costumes! There are some costume guidelines in place that you should be aware of, though. Here’s a look at the costume guidelines:



We’ve already seen some super fun costumes from guests, like this Disney Princesses and Villains mashup from @linleigh_and_berkeleys_momma! Also check out the awesome Mamá Coco and Isabela costumes.



We’ve also seen the Mad Hatter and Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland


Paul and Rebecca Janson Fisk

…and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty!


@Isabella.c.f on Instagram

We’ll keep updating with more fun costumes we see!

Click here to check out all of the costumes we see at the party!


What’s Halloween without some trick-or-treating?! People of all ages get to go around and grab candy during the party at the various treat spots. When you get into the party, you’ll be given a reusable treat bag to collect all of your candy!


How cute!

The other side shows the 50th anniversary logo.


Gotta rep the 50th Anniversary!

There is also a treat bag for an allergy-friendly experience that you can get. It’s teal in color so Cast Members know not to give you candy that you can’t eat!


Allergy friendly bag

Instead, they’ll give you some teal tokens which you can exchange at the Allergy-Friendly Center throughout the night. The locations are listed right on the bag!



Here’s a look at the token.



There are several different treat spots around the park during the party where you can get some candy! You can find them all on the party map.

Click here to take a closer look at this year’s treat bag!

Before the party has even begun, Cast Members were hanging out GIANT M&Ms bags of candy!



People are already trick-or-treating!

Gotta love that first trick or treat stop at #mnsshp #WaltDisneyWorld pic.twitter.com/hUbxiYjCBM

— Disney Food Blog (@DisneyFoodBlog) August 12, 2022


Candy before the party even starts?! Yes, please!


We’ve already seen a bunch of Halloween merchandise in the parks like a fun soap dispenser, Spirit Jerseys, bubble wands, and more! But, there is also some party exclusive merchandise that you can only get during the event, so we’re going to focus on those items. First up, we have this spooky Spirit Jersey!


The back!

Here’s a look at the front — you can get it for $79.99.


There’s ALWAYS a spirit jersey

There is also a fun T-shirt. Here’s the back…


There’s Mickey!

…and the front!


It glows in the dark!

Need a new candy bowl? Check out this one for the party!


We LOVE this candy bowl!

It’s decorated with some familiar faces! You can get it for $39.99.



We also found this new ornament with Minnie and Mickey…



…and this purple Mickey T-shirt! This one is $24.99.


Mickey Tee

We’ll be sure to keep updating you with more merchandise that we find!

Click here to keep up with ALL of the merchandise we find at the party!


Pumpkins have been up in Magic Kingdom for several days now. They’re there to greet you when you walk into the park…


Halloween decor

…and are lining Main Street, U.S.A.! These special Cinderella pumpkins debuted last year for the 50th anniversary.


Cinderella pumpkin decorations

You can find some lovely fall foliage around the buildings as well.



And, some very friendly pumpkin friends!


More Halloween decor

We also saw these super fun statues of some of our friends, like this one of Goofy dressed up as a Jester!



There is also Minnie Mouse as a Princess…



…Pluto as a Musketeer…



…and Donald as a Musketeer!


Check out the pumpkin!

Speaking of decor, you might notice some giant backdrops around the park, so let’s talk about them!

Photo Opportunities

This year’s party brings special 3D photo opportunities for guests! We’ve already seen the giant Hocus Pocus 2 frame over in Liberty Square.


Hocus Pocus 2 photo spot

There is also a special 50th anniversary photo op right in front of Tomorrowland!


It’s very big!

And, we found this spooky Sleepy Hollow 3D photo op as well!


The Headless Horseman!

There are also several Halloween-themed Magic Shots at this year’s party! Take a look at the locations below:




Dance Parties

There will be several dance parties during the party! Over in Tomorrowland, you will find the Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Dance Ball with Mike and Sulley! It goes on from 7PM to midnight — which is the length of the whole party.



Other Entertainment

The Cadaver Dans Barbershop Quartet is also at the party again! The Dapper Dans put on their spooky best to become the Cadaver Dans and sing up some spooktacular tunes!


There they are!

You can find them over in Frontierland.


Spooky songs are being sung

There is SO much Halloween fun to be had at this year’s party! We’ll be updating this post throughout the night, so make sure to stay tuned for all of the spooky fun!

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Will you be going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year? Tell us in the comments!

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