Air Travel Tips That’ll Change Your Life

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Alas, the “it” we’re referring to is air travel. DUN DUN DUN. Is air travel the bane of your existence this year? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Flight delays and cancelations have caused chaotic (or completely canceled) travel, bringing a tooooon of stress to vacations. But there are ways to help mitigate some of the issues, and hopefully, make for smoother trips.

Early Morning Flights

When booking your flight, try to snag an early morning flight — the first flight out, if possible. Why?


Air travel has been a bit of a gamble recently.

Well, according to New York Times, these early morning flights are less likely to be affected by weather issues, staffing shortages, or planes arriving late to the gate. Basically, these early morning flights are your best bet for an on-time departure! And, should your early morning flight get delayed or canceled, you’ll have more chances to get placed on another flight that day. 

Travel The Day Before

You’ll want to travel the day before you plan to sail off on a cruise, have fun in Disney World, or partake in any other activity. 



If you travel the day of, you risk missing out on the activity/trip if your flight is delayed or canceled. For example: imagine your first Disney World park pass reservation is for a Monday. You’ll want to fly in on Sunday, to ensure you’ll actually be there!

Fly Direct

Of course, flying direct isn’t always an option, depending on what routes are available at your airport.


Direct Flights Also Get You There FASTER

However, if possible, flying direct is a great option. You won’t have to worry about making a connecting flight, which can be impossible when your flight is delayed or canceled. You also don’t have to worry about making sure your luggage gets on the correct plane. One flight is typically the safest bet. 

Choose The Right Seat

Choosing the right seat is also key to a smooth flight. Row 23 (or 17 on a Boeing 737-700) provides immediate drink service…and a short path to the restrooms!


©Delta via CNBC

And, if you suffer from motion sickness, the CDC recommends you choose a window seat near the middle of the plane. The middle of the plane is the most steady when flying.


We Prefer Window Seats

Keep these tips in mind when choosing a seat on your next flight!

Snacks Are a Must

Preparing for your flight is also a very important step. You’ll want to bring snacks and activities for your kiddos (and yourself), just in case you’re stuck waiting around the airport due to delays or cancelations.


Yes, We’ve Traveled With A Churro Before

We suggest bringing snacks that aren’t super messy and won’t melt in your carry on bags (we’re looking at you, chocolate). Snacks can be pricey in the airport, so it can’t hurt to throw a few bags of Goldfish or a granola bar in your bag.

Stay Entertained

We also suggest downloading movies/shows at home, as airport Wi-Fi isn’t the most stable.



Disney+ allows you to download episodes and movies, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on a series, or start a movie marathon. 

Pack an Empty Water Bottle

You’ll definitely want to consider bringing an empty water bottle as well. While you can’t bring water through security, you can fill the bottle up once you pass through TSA.


Water fountain AND refill station combo!

Water bottles at the airport can be expensive, so you’ll save some money by bringing your own bottle. (And you can bring it into the parks and grab water at the resort’s refill stations!)

Check-In Before You Get to the Airport

Check into your flight ahead of time! Skip the lines at the kiosks and screens by just checking in at home. Each airline has a different process, but being as prepared as possible is the way to go.


New Terminal C Airport Concept Art ©Orlando International Airport

Keep in mind that you may still need to visit the kiosks if you’re checking in bags or traveling with a lap child.

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And those are all of our flying tips! For more travel information, check out the delays hitting Orlando International Airport. Or check out what to do if your flight to Disney World is canceled.


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