Here’s How We Save Space in Our Cruise Cabin

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Your living space on a cruise can sometimes feel like you’re sleeping in a closet.

MEGASHIP! … with itty bitty living space

Even if you plan on spending most of your time out on the deck or in your ports of call, you should still feel comfortable in the place you rest your head.

We’re sharing our best tips and tricks on maximizing your space on a cruise ship so you can fit all your necessities without feeling totally claustrophobic!

Only pack the necessities

Ahead of your trip, make a list of what you want to bring, then review how much is truly necessary. Do you really need that fourth pair of shorts “just in case?” Try making your clothes go further by creating multiple outfits from a few pieces. Mix and match your tops and bottoms, and then stick to 2-3 pairs of shoes. A scarf can easily go from pool cover up to shawl for a nice dinner, so get creative with what you have! Stay realistic though –– don’t confine yourself to too few options, just in case of any spills or other accidents!

Remove unnecessary furniture

Besides your bed, your room on a cruise might include some other pieces of furniture, like desks, tables, and chairs. If you know you won’t be using those pieces, you can try contacting the staff and kindly requesting that they remove the furniture you don’t need. This will give you some extra breathing room!

Bring a portable toiletries organizer

Your bathroom is going to be TINY. Counter space is sparse so elevate your toiletries with an organizer. Pack all your bathroom necessities in the organizer, then open and hang for easy access! Avoid bottles and products falling all over the place while keeping everything nice and organized while traveling. We like this organizer by BAGSMART– it comes with a ton of compartments, plus internal elastics help keep bottles in place.

BAGSMART Toiletry Organizer

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Use travel containers

Along with using a toiletry organizer, you can condense your toiletries further by only bringing the amount you’ll use on your trip. Either purchase travel-sized versions of your favorite products or decant your full-sized bottles into smaller containers. You can pretty much find any kind of product dispenser in travel size, and this kit includes a good variety. It comes with not only your travel containers but also items to help you fill AND clean them out!


16 Pack Travel Bottle Kit

Click here to buy the 16 Pack Travel Bottle Set!

Bring a collapsible water bottle

It will be so much easier to remember to stay hydrated on the ship if you carry a water bottle around. Of course, we have to make it portable! Collapsible water bottles are the best choice for this, and this one is our favorite from Amazon. Completely full it holds 20 ounces of liquid, but when you’re finished with it it folds down and has elastic bands to hold it in its collapsed state. Throw this in your carry on and then keep it on you while touring your ship!

SPECIAL MADE Collapsible Water Bottle

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Opt for e-books

For some, a cruise is a chance to kick back and relax. If you prefer to use your ship time to catch up on your reading list, bring a tablet or e-reader! You can purchase and download your books ahead of time (or borrow an e-book from your local library!) so you can access them even without internet. A tablet can also double as a laptop or allow you to catch up on your favorite tv show during your down time! The Amazon Fire HD 8 is a great size for travel, has a 12-hour battery, lets you read books, watch movies and shows, and check social media on the go.

Amazon Fire HD 8

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Pack with nesting luggage

Suitcases can be pretty bulky and are an unavoidable item you’ll have in your room. Whether you’re bringing more than one bag or you’re packing for your family, you can save space in your cabin with nesting luggage. Fill your suitcases before you travel, then after unpacking in your room easily nest each suitcase within each other. If you have a bed with space underneath, slide your suitcases under along with any other items you won’t need immediately to really keep the floor clean. This set by Coolife includes three hard shell suitcases. They’re lightweight and include TSA-approved locks, and are a reviewer favorite on Amazon.

Coolife Hard Shell Nesting Luggage

Click here to buy the Coolife Hard Shell Nesting Luggage Set!

Utilize your vertical space

Cruise veterans swear by this tip! Just like with your hanging toiletry organizer, you can also take advantage of the vertical space in your main cabin and keep items from cluttering the floor and other surfaces. Cruise cabin walls are metal, so pack some magnetic hangers with you to attach to the walls! Hang towels, clothes, laundry bags, anything you can think of! These magnetic hooks are heavy duty and can handle your heaviest items.

Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks

Click here to buy the Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks!

Keep laundry separate

Speaking of laundry, this is another organization tip that can save you some headaches. For dirty laundry or other soiled/wet garments, keep them separate from clean and dry items with a laundry bag. Mesh bags work great for this purpose and are breathable to prevent clothes from getting too funky before you can get them washed again. You can also opt for a wet/dry bag for your bathing suits and cover ups. Hang your bag in the bathroom or from one of your magnetic hooks in your room, fill as needed, and then when you get home from your trip just dump it all in the washing machine! These mesh bags come in a two pack so you can designate one for each person, or use one for wet and another for dry.

DuomiW Mesh Laundry Bags

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Organize your electronics

Between all of your electronics you will probably have a fair bit of cords and other accessories. Try using an organizer like this one to keep all of your electronics and their accessories in one place while traveling and in your room. Pockets and compartments separate different pieces, while elastic bands keep cords from becoming tangled. This organizer zips closed and is slim, even when filled. We suggest slipping this into your carry on or personal item along with your important documents so you have easy access.

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer

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Now you can go forth and enjoy your time on the high seas!
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