How You Can Share Your Thoughts On Airline Seat Sizes!

If you’ve ever been on an airplane before, you may be familiar with the age-old grievance: the teeny, tiny airplane seat.

So small!

Travelers took to the skies this summer in record numbers after the travel industry saw a significant slow-down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Passengers saw an increase in the cost to fly as well as an increase in the number of flight delays and cancellations, but that wasn’t stopping a lot of individuals. Now, the Federal Aviation Administration is seeking to make your airplane seat safer, and maybe even bigger.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require that all aircrafts used for transportation be able to facilitate fast and easy evacuation in the event one is necessary. Seat size is one of the many things being evaluated at this time, and the FAA is currently trying to determine if a minimum seat size requirement should be imposed. This comes at the direction of Congress who, in 2018, directed the FAA to look into this issue.

A minimum airplane seat size may be required.

The FAA conducted simulated emergency situations and is currently seeking public comment on this matter and will accept comments for 90 days. The FAA is urging the public to consider all individuals, including children, adults over 60 years old, and those with disabilities.


The FAA says that comments should consider whether the seat width, seat pitch (or slope), seat length, and other dimensions could negatively impact a passenger’s ability to evacuate a plane quickly and safely, or if it would negatively impact the evacuation as a whole. If you would like to contribute, written comments must be received by November 1st, 2022, or comments can be made digitally online at

Safety Card on an Airplane

In other rules and regulations news, the Department of Transportation is currently seeking to impose stricter rules on flight refunds, which may make it easier for you to get a refund the next time your flight is canceled or delayed.

Orlando International Airport

And of course, the opening of the brand new Terminal C at Orlando International Airport is right around the corner, bringing with it lots of new restaurants, and more gates for 11 airlines. Make sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest.

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Will you be submitting a comment to the FAA regarding airplane seat sizes? Let us know in the comments!

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