What’s New in EPCOT: A Donut Ear Restock!

If you’ve been to EPCOT recently, then you know that the park is currently undergoing lots of construction.

There’s a lot going on here!

Construction is underway to bring new things to the park like a walkthrough attraction called Journey of Water — Inspired by Moana, new festival centers, and more. As construction continues to transform this park, we’re heading to EPCOT today to take a look at what’s new!

EPCOT Food Updates

Connections Cafe

At the Connections Cafe (a.k.a. the park’s Starbucks), we decided to try the new Blondie With Butterscotch Chips. 


While this treat didn’t taste much like a blondie (it reminded us more of cake), we really enjoyed the texture and flavor. The butterscotch chips added a great crunch, too. You can grab this blondie for $4.99.

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House of Good Fortune

House of Good Fortune is one of the shops located in the China pavilion in World Showcase. There, we noticed some new chips with a picture of Chinese star Wang Yibo.

Star chips

These chips are Honey Butter flavor and will cost you $6.50.

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EPCOT Construction Updates

Guest Relations got a brand new Spaceship Earth-themed look at EPCOT!

A brand new look!

The light fixtures are hexagonal to mimic Spaceship Earth and there is a colorful mural on the wall with Spaceship Earth at the center.

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EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Creations Shop

Creations Shop is the park’s main gift shop and you can find a ton of items here. Let’s start with a couple of mugs. First up is this Olaf Mug. It shows Olaf swimming with a palm tree and a seagull. It is $14.99.

Olaf Mug

We also saw this Disney Pride Mug. We’d seen this mug already at Disneyland Resort, but now it’s made its way here. It is $19.99.

Pride Mug

There’s a new Hercules button-up shirt, as well for $59.99. It is a light blue and white tie dye made to look the sky with Pegasus all over it.

‘Hercules’ shirt

Need a new hat or two? We saw this hat that says “Park Hopping is My Cardio” for $29.99.

Park hopping

We also saw this straw hat that says “Mickey’s Surf Team” and has a picture of a surf board on it. It is $34.99.

Mickey’s Surf Team

Also at Creations, we saw that these Donut Ears had been restocked. These ears were released in 2021 and are $29.99.

Donut ears restock

Look for Disney World 50th Anniversary merch? Check out this pink 50th Anniversary Shirt we saw. It’s pink and has the 50th Anniversary logo on it in gold.It’s also covered with a pattern that has Mickey heads and pixie dust. It is $39.99.

50th Anniversary Shirt

Winnie the Pooh fans have got to see this adorable pin. It is $17.99 and shows Pooh holding a balloon with a cloud that says “a new point of view.”

Winnie the Pooh pin

And we can’t forget about Food and Wine Festival merchandise! We saw this plate that says “Choose Your Course” and it even comes with a little drink holder. You can grab it for $9.99 and use it to eat and drink your way around the world.

Food and Wine Plate

And finally at the Creations Shop, we spotted this plastic Stitch pitcher.

Stitch pitcher

It’s clear plastic with an image of stitch and a dark-colored handle. It is $39.99.

Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay

In case you couldn’t tell by its name, Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay is the gift shop at the end of the Mission: SPACE ride. We saw tons of new items here, recently. The first few are all about NASA’s Artemis program which is a human spaceflight program dedicated to exploring the moon. We saw an Artemis long-sleeve shirt for $36.99…

Artemis long-sleeve

…an Artemis short-sleeve shirt for $29.99…

Artemis short-sleeve

…and an Artemis hat for $29.99.

Artemis hat

But that’s not all because we also saw some new items all about Mars! There are three shirts that say “NASA’s Journey to Mars,” this red one…

Red Mars shirt

…this pink one…

Pink shirt

…or this white one. The white shirt has a bit of a different pattern than the other two as it shows images of Earth slowly turning into Mars.

White shirt

You can also get a shirt that says “Mars: the Next Giant Leap.”

The Next Giant Leap

The “Next Giant Leap” shirt also comes in this style, which is more like a sleeveless v-neck shirt.

Next Giant Leap v-neck

Each of these shirts are available for $24.99.


ImageWorks is the gift shop and interactive play area located at the end of Journey Into Imagination with Figment. If you’re looking for a new item to wear your love of Figment loud and proud, we saw this Figment shirt for $29.99. It’s brightly colored and very retro-looking.

Figment shirt

Also at ImageWorks, we spotted this Turning Red bag charm or keychain.

‘Turning Red’ keychain

It looks like a red panda tail and also has a charm with Mei’s face. It is $14.99.

Port of Entry

At Port of Entry, the Figment Food and Wine Festival oven mitts have been restocked. They are $14.99 each.

Figment Mitt

There is also this Mickey and Minnie Food and Wine Festival Dish Towel Set. It shows Mickey and Minnie clinking their glasses together while sitting in front of Spaceship Earth. It is $21.99.

Dish towel set

And for some non-Food and Wine Festival merch, we also saw this Mickey Balloon Water Bottle.

Mickey Balloon Water Bottle

As you can see by the image, it matches the Mickey Balloon spirit jersey, Crocs, and backpack. The water bottle is $27.99.

Mexico Pavilion

Inside the Mexico Pavilion, we saw these hand-painted hats that come in a bunch of different colors and designs. There’s a purple hat with flowers…

Purple hat

…a white hat with butterflies…

White hat

…a white hat with birds…

White hat with birds

…and a white hat with flowers.

White hat with flowers

There are tons of design and color combinations available, and each hat is $34.99 each.

Norway Pavilion

The Norway pavilion in World Showcase has a new rubber spatula available for purchase.

Norway spatula

It has a floral design with Mickey Mouse in the center and says “Norway.” It is $14.99.

House of Good Fortune

House of Good Fortune in the China pavilion has a Deer Lamp that looks like it could be a holiday decoration.

Deer lamp

The deer is gold with botanical-looking antlers and the lamp itself is a white circle. You can grab it for $92.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

This store is located in the France pavilion and here, we saw a Beauty and the Beast Rose Ornament. We’ve also seen this ornament in Magic Kingdom.

Enchanted Rose Ornament

It is made to look like the Enchanted Rose beneath its glass case and is $26.99.

L’Esprit de la Provence

At this store, also located in the France pavilion, we saw this Ratatouille ornament.

‘Ratatouille’ Ornament

This ornament has also been seen in Magic Kingdom, as well. It is $22.99.

Northwest Mercantile

At Northwest Mercantile in the Canada pavilion, we spotted these new books with bears and moose as the main characters.

Bear and moose books

They have titles like Big Bear Hug, Making the Moose Out of Life, and Walk on the Wild Side. They are $16.99 each. 

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And that’s what’s new in EPCOT! Looking for more Disney news? Magic Kingdom’s stage show times are changing, plus we just got more details and pricing information for the fireworks dessert parties during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Cinderella Castle

As always, make sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney World news!

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