Everything You Need to Know About Having Food Delivered to Your Disney World Hotel

We’re always on a mission to find the best food around Disney World! (We are Disney Food Blog, after all.)

Cinderella Castle

Quick service, table service, fine dining, carts, festival food booths — we’ve tried it all! But what about grabbing a bite outside of the parks? While it may not hold the same Disney magic, you can still get food easily at your hotelwithout having to even leave your room. So, to help prepare you for your next trip, here’s everything you need to know about having food delivered to your Disney World Resort Hotel!

It may seem silly, but getting food delivered to your hotel is actually extremely useful, and you may need to do it for yourself one day! Here are just some of the reasons why guests get food or groceries delivered to their room, instead of dining out:

As you can see, getting food or groceries delivered can be useful in many situations, which is why it’s important to know how to navigate this service! Before we jump in, it’s important to know that Disney doesn’t currently have their own delivery service for food or groceries. Guests will have to arrange their own food and grocery deliveries through sites and apps.

We Wish We Could Get The Pizza Roll Delivered

So, without further delay, let’s discuss how to get food delivered to your Disney World Resort hotel room!

Food Delivery


For food delivery services, you can use apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats (which currently has a free 6-month subscription for Disney+ members), DoorDash, etc. Oh — and you can always choose to check a restaurant’s direct website to see if they offer their own delivery service.

White Castle, Anyone?

Your first step will be to order the food delivery, via your phone or computer. If you’re ordering from one of the delivery service apps, you’ll want to download the app onto your phone to place your order (although some may have a website to order from as well). If you’re ordering directly from a restaurant, however, you should be able to place your order online from your phone or computer!

Here are some things to keep in mind when ordering a food delivery:

  • There will usually be a delivery fee that ranges anywhere from $0.99 to $10 (or more)
  • Many delivery service apps also charge a service fee, which can be as high as 18% on every order
  • Sometimes you’ll be held to a minimum order amount, and will be charged a small order fee if you’re under the amount
  • Tipping the driver is expected

We’d Give Anything to Get a Mickey Pretzel Delivered

Now, let’s move on to the delivery!


So you’ve successfully placed your order — now what? Well, you’ll want to stay by your phone. When placing your order, you’ll give them your phone number, in case the delivery driver has difficulty grabbing your order or finding you. And heads up — your delivery driver will almost always struggle to find you, as Disney World can be confusing to navigate!

The Walt Disney World Main Gate

Along with staying by your phone, you’ll also want to stay by your hotel! Don’t trust the estimated delivery time — it could be much shorter than expected, and you’ll want to be nearby to grab your food. Now, if you happen to be away from the hotel when your food is delivered, that’s ok. As long as no ID verification (usually required if alcohol is included in the order) or signature is required, your hotel may be able to accept the order on your behalf. This is subject to each hotel’s policies, so it may be unavailable at the time of your visit. Be sure to ask your hotel!

Grand Floridian

But keep in mind that they currently aren’t able to refrigerate your food (again, ask your hotel for their policy). So basically, you’ll want to make sure you’re nearby, regardless of how you choose to retrieve your food. And, if you’re wanting to have it delivered up to your room by Bell Services or Luggage Assistance, you’ll be charged a $6 fee per delivery. You can choose to pick it up yourself from Bell Services for no charge, however!

Grocery Delivery

The protocol is a bit different for those staying at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. These deliveries can be dropped off at the smart lockers outside Melody Hall.

The Smart Lockers

And once you grab that food from your driver, bell services, or smart locker — enjoy! Now, let’s move on to getting groceries delivered.

See What Happened When We Tried To Use a Food Delivery Service To Grab Disney World Food

Grocery Delivery


The ordering portion for groceries is pretty similar to food deliveries. You can use services like Amazon Fresh, Walmart, InstaCart, Whole Foods, etc. Most of these allow you to just order online via your phone or computer, however, some may require you to download their app to place an order.

Here are some things to keep in mind about grocery deliveries:

  • Your order will usually be delivered same-day
  • Grocery delivery takes longer than food delivery, as it takes a while to grab all of your items
  • There may be a delivery fee of up to $10 (or more), which some services waive if you order over a certain amount
  • Some delivery services (like Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods) require a membership
  • There may be a small delivery fee if you’re under a certain amount
  • Tipping the driver is expected

Does Anyone Else Enjoy a Late Night Happy Meal?

Onto the delivery!


Once again, you’ll want to stay near your phone — but you can wander away from the hotel. Grocery deliveries usually give you a window of time later in the day for the delivery, so you most likely won’t need to stay glued to your hotel after ordering. You should be able to go off and enjoy your day, and come back a little before your window of time hits.

Hop on a Monorail and Enjoy Your Day!

The retrieval process works the same way as food deliveries; however, you’ll probably have items that require refrigeration. With that in mind, you’ll want to get those items up to your room as quickly as possible, so you can place them in your room’s fridge! (Remember, your hotel most likely will not refrigerate these items for you.)

A Mini Fridge at the Grand Floridian

That’s the only real difference between food and grocery deliveries! You can still get these groceries brought up to your room for a fee, but you may want to grab them yourself to ensure your items are refrigerated as quickly as possible.

Click Here For More Information on Getting Groceries in Disney World

And that’s it! That’s everything you need to know about getting food or groceries delivered to your Disney World Resort hotel! For more help with grocery deliveries, check out our post here. Or, check out this post for more information on the All-Star Music smart lockers.

So Useful!

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