Southwest Airlines Has CHANGED Its Flight Credit Policy

Flying can be a bit of a hassle right now.

Southwest Flight

Flights are getting delayed and canceled, there are staffing shortages, and some airlines are canceling routes altogether. But, there are some things airlines are doing to improve things, like adding new routes. Now, Southwest Airlines is changing one of their policies to help out customers.

Flight credits with Southwest Airlines will no longer expire, according to the company’s website.

Southwest Plane

If you have an unexpired flight credit on or created on or after July 28th, 2022, it will not expire. You don’t have to do anything for this new change, just know that you will now be able to have flight credits that won’t expire that you can use.

Southwest Airplane

A flight credit is usually from either a canceled flight or a downgrade in fare that can be used to buy a future flight, according to Southwest. You can access them by the reservation’s six-digit confirmation number.

©Southwest Airlines

Do know that a flight credit with an expiration date on or before July 27th, 2022 is now expired and now available for use.

Southwest Disney Plane

There’s a lot going on in the airline industry right now — JetBlue is buying Spirit Airlines, Air Canada and United just reached a deal to have more flights between the two countries, and a whole new terminal with almost a dozen airlines is coming to the Orlando International Airport.

And, if you want to fly to Europe from the U.S. right now, prices are looking pretty good.


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