Disney Wish COVID Testing Mishaps to Avoid

Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish, has officially set sail and we got to see it all!

Disney Wish docked at Castaway Cay

From world-class entertainment and activities, character meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and of course — the FOOD — the Disney Wish has it all. We even gave you a deep dive into everything you need to know about COVID-19 testing and the boarding protocol — and now we’re taking a look at some of the mishaps and weird stuff that could happen with COVID testing on the Wish.

The Disney Wish is the newest ship to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet, and it has officially set sail — but, guests are still required to complete a few essential things before they can board. All vaccine-eligible guests (ages 5 and older) must be fully vaccinated before boarding a Disney cruise ship, and all guests (regardless of vaccination status) must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test at the cruise terminal.

Mickey and Minnie on the Wish!

Disney does have a testing site at the terminal, or you can choose to be tested at home prior to your cruise. If you choose the latter option, you must take the test no more than 2 days before setting sail. Guests have to pay for their own tests whether at home or at the terminal.

Additionally, once you have your negative COVID-19 test result, you must upload it to your Safe Passage account by midnight before embarkation day. Safe Passage is a website where guests can upload proof of vaccination, and all guests who are vaccine eligible will have to upload their results.

Disney Wish Funnel Vision

For guests who choose to test at the terminal, expect to pay $74 plus tax per test. And if you test positive and need a confirmatory test, that one costs $125 plus tax. We recommend testing at home — not only can it potentially save you money, but chances are it’ll save you some time on embarkation day as well!

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Pre-Boarding Mishaps

As far as the pre-boarding steps you have to go through for COVID testing on the Wish, we found the overall process to be relatively easy. We easily secured an online telehealth appointment via SafePassage, and that process was simple as well. We logged on at our scheduled appointment time, confirmed our information with the doctor, took the test in front of them, and then showed them the proof of a negative test once it was ready.

If you do end up testing positive, you’ll have to report that to SafePassage and then follow the instructions after that.

Boarding Check-In for The Disney Wish

We did run into a bit of a problem when preparing to board the Disney Wish our second time around, though. We weren’t able to find any telehealth appointments via SafePassage and had to use a third-party telehealth service for our appointment. This part was easy overall as well — same with uploading our test results — but the problem came when by the morning of our embarkation we still hadn’t received the “Clear to Sail” message on our SafePassage account.

Boarding a Disney Cruise Ship

Ultimately though, it did clear by the time we left for the terminal and we were able to board the ship.

The Most Relaxing Spots on the Disney Wish

Boarding Mishaps

The boarding process is easier the earlier you arrive at the terminal on embarkation day. You’re able to arrive as early as 12PM in most cases, and that can save you some serious time. The later you wait, the more passengers you’ll run into while waiting in line to board the ship.

We weren’t kidding about the lines…

We were lucky enough to not experience any sort of issues when boarding the ship, and we didn’t see any other passengers having issues either. But, we did get a good glimpse of the onsite COVID-19 testing tent run by Inspire Diagnostics. It was in the parking lot right in front of the parking garage when we arrived at the terminal. Keep this in mind in case you have any issues before boarding or need to be tested at the cruise terminal. There were plenty of staff members there to help out!

Boarding the Disney Wish

During our experience boarding the Disney Wish, we didn’t see or hear of anyone testing positive at the terminal prior to our sailing — but that certainly doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Chances are there might be someone somewhere who tested positive for COVID-19 while attempting to board the ship with so many passengers onboard, we just can’t say for certain.

Disney Wish

When it comes to strange mishaps that can happen with COVID-19 testing on the Disney Wish, we didn’t end up running into too many problems, though your experience could be different! Make sure you’re allowing yourself plenty of time to complete testing before boarding and following the instructions for doing so. Be sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney Cruise Line news and more!

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