Is a Disney World Trip More Expensive Than a Disneyland Trip?

Have you ever been stuck on whether to visit Disney World or Disneyland Resort?

Cinderella Castle in its 50th Anniversary decor!

It’s a tough call! To begin with, they both offer different things, like attractions, lands, and food, and location is also a factor. But, we know that a big decision maker with what trip you should take is how much they both cost. So, we’re going to figure out if a trip to Disney World is more expensive than a trip to Disneyland Resort.

Let’s look at an example trip for the same exact dates and number of people in Disney World and Disneyland. We chose our hypothetical trip to take place from December 5th to December 11th, 2022 and be for 4 people. This is typically a less crowded time at the parks. We’re also choosing a moderate resort or comparable at both locations to be fair. Do note that prices will vary based on when you book your trip, the length of stay, which hotel you book, etc. 

Starting in Disney World, a base room for 4 people at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort: Riverside is $310 per night for the weeknights, and $362 per night, for Friday and Saturday night, before tax. So we’re looking at $1,964 total for the hotel, before tax.

Port Orleans Riverside

Moving on to tickets, you gotta get Park Hoppers, right?! So, let’s assume you’re only getting a 5-day ticket, since those other two days won’t be full days due to travel. A 5-Day Park Hopper Ticket starting on May 5th, 2022 is $632.94 per person, before tax — multiply that by the 4 people in your group and it comes to $2,531.76 total, before tax.


Okay, we know how much Disney World costs, now how about Disneyland Resort? We chose the Paradise Pier Hotel, as it’s comparable to a moderate at Disney World. For 4 people during the dates we previously chose, a standard room is $437.00 per weeknight,  and $477.00 on the Friday and Saturday nights of our stay, before tax. Multiply that by the 6 nights that you’re staying there and it comes to $2,702.00, before tax.

Paradise Pier Hotel

Since we got a Park Hopper ticket in Disney World, we obviously have to get one in Disneyland! So, a 5-day Park Hopper Ticket at Disneyland Resort is $440 per person, before tax. Multiply that by the 4 people in your group and it comes to $1,760 total, before tax.

California Adventure

With these two trips, Disney World comes out to be $4,495.76 and Disneyland Resort comes out to be $4,462. The hotel stay at Disneyland is more expensive than that at Disney World, but the ticket prices at Disney World are higher — high enough to make Disneyland the *slightly* cheaper trip. 

Animal Kingdom

This also obviously isn’t taking travel to the resorts into account, because that varies greatly depending on where you live and if you could drive or would have to fly. But, basing it just off of theme park tickets and hotels, Disney World is slightly more expensive.

Tower of Terror Beacon of Magic

However, let’s not forget, you are possibly getting more for your money in Disney World! There are 4 theme parks and 2 water parks compared to Disneyland’s 2 theme parks — Disney World simply has more to offer than Disneyland does! We also think it’s much easier to fill up a week-long trip at Disney World than Disneyland. So, it’s all about what you want to get with your money!

Magic Kingdom

We hope this helps you decide which resort will work best for you on your next Disney vacation! Keep in mind that discounts and special packages can change these numbers dramatically. Stay tuned to DFB for more news on Disney pricing and discounts!

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