Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Has FINALLY Reopened in Disneyland!

Many things have reopened in Disneyland over the past year, but some things have still been missing.

It’s back!

While we’ve seen character meet and greets return as well as entertainment, some attractions have remained closed, like Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. But now, the ride is finally back open!

This popular attraction did not open with the park in April 2021 due to being under refurbishment. In June, it was announced that the ride would reopen on July 25th, and we made sure we were on that ride the next day to check out what’s new!

We’re in line — let’s go!

This ride takes you on the adventure of Finding Nemo from under the water! Each seat on the submarine offers a different view, so you’ll see something a bit different every time you ride.

Yep, you really go into a submarine!

If you’re claustrophobic, this might not be the ideal ride for you. But, if you want to be literally underwater, it’s a great opportunity to do so — you don’t even have to get wet!


The ride looks like it’s had some fresh paint and touch ups.

So colorful!

You look out of a porthole while you’re down here.

The colors are pretty vibrant down here!

In the big blue world…

Take a closer look!

We’re so excited to ride this again!

See anyone?

If you love Finding Nemo or Finding Dory, make sure to check out the ride on your next visit to Disneyland!

It’s very blue down here

Head on over to Tomorrowland to finally experience this ride once again! The line could get pretty long, especially since it just reopened, so make sure to give yourself ample amount of time, and keep checking those wait times on the Disneyland app!

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Go under the sea!

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